Looks like a purse not a pet carrier

Small Open TOTE handbag Purse style Pet Dog Cat Bag -small breed /puppy Carrier
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The Vanderpump Pets Classic Pet Carrier Tote Bag has the appearance of a high-end designer bag. But this purse is also the ideal carrier for a discerning dog—cargo much more precious than your AMEX. Use this bag when you’re meeting the girls for a drink but want to be sure that Gigi can come along for the ride.
Faux Giraffe & white Leather Pet Carrier Small Dog cat airline tote purse bag
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This attention-grabbing white-and-purple purse is perfect for everyday jaunts with little Rufus. The quilted exterior is easy to clean and the four hard studs on the bottom of the bag keep it off the ground, ensuring you can keep it in tip-top shape. The MG Collection Pet Carrier also has two large velcro-secured pockets for storing essentials—like delicious doggie treats! MAX STUDIO "SEQUOIA" Doggy Bag Pet Dog Carrier Tote Purse Dk Brown NEW #MaxStudio
Photo provided by FlickrGetaway Shacara Designer Pet Carrier s Dog Cat Puppy Pet Airline Purse Carrier | eBay
Photo provided by FlickrThe 3-way Tote Dog Carrier / Bag / Purse by MICRO POOCH. Designer Luxury Pet Travel Bag.
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Thankfully, this is a solvable problem. There are a plethora of pet purses and carry bags that make it easy for dog moms (and dads!) to bring Fido or Spot with them when out grabbing a coffee, shopping, or even heading out for a fancy dinner. Dog carrier purses can be very handy when you want to take your pet out on the go. However, they aren’t suitable for all dogs. Dog purse carriers are best suited for teacup breeds and extremely small dogs weighing less than 10 lbs. Now here’s a bag you can match to any outfit. The Katie Bag is available in six colors and is made from soft, pebbled leather. With hints of a Birkin, this designer bag is vented at both ends and is able to be zipped up to ensure your pup is safe and comfortable as she travels around in style. Made for smaller doggies, this purse is ideal for people with pets weighing less than 7 pounds.CONS: Again, some reviewers find this dog carrier purse to be too small for their miniature dogs, so be sure to measure your pet to see if this item is appropriate.Some pet handbags may be suitable for dogs 10 – 15 lbs, but I suggest careful measurement and study before buying one of these dog carrier purses for a 10 – 15 lb dog.Pet Poison Helpline, an animal poison control based out of Minneapolis, MN, released their list of the "top 5 pet poisons" found in your house. The source? Your purse! That’s right; your handbag is a reservoir for lots of . Here are the five most common purse items that are toxic to pets.Leopard Print Pet - Purse carrier. Wear the dog purse carrier like a shoulder bag or lengthen the straps to wear the purse carrier across your chest.For more information on possible emergencies your pet may have please visit petMD's and check out Pet Poison Helpline’s helpful video titled "." Be smart — spare your pet a poisoning and hang up your purse!