Precision Pet Rabbit Outdoor Multiplex Cage with Expandable Hutch

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Stepping into the world of pet cages is like stepping down the rabbit hole. They are all over the marketplace in more shapes, sizes and types than what you’d ever expect to find. And the problem only gets compounded if you are looking to find the best rabbit cage.
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They go to Petco or Petsmart believing that they will get the best supplies for their bunny there. Of course few employees there know much more than to recommend a cage, usually a small one, to the novice bunny owner. Heck, if these big box stores won't even pull potentially deadly treats off the shelves, do you really think they know better than to sell tiny rabbit cages? Discount Rabbit Cages: Hamster Cages on Sale | PetSmart
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Indoor Rabbits
Your pet’s cage should be at least four times the size of the rabbit. Wire mesh flooring can cause injury or sore hocks so a solid flooring is better for your pet. Do not use glass cages or aquariums as they do not provide enough ventilation. An area for the litter box should be provided. Food Bowl & Hay Feeder
Your pet’s home will need someplace for his food. A food bowl for rabbit pellets and a feeder for hay will help keep your bunny’s cage and food clean.There are many commercially available cages designed for rabbits. Remember, bigger is always better when it comes to the living area of your pet. Since the will be the rabbit's main living space, it needs to be as comfortable as possible. One way to make your pet as comfortable as possible is to provide a cage that is as large as possible. The general rule to follow is to make sure the cage is at least four times the size of the rabbit, which works out to be approximately 24 x 36 inches for rabbits under 8 pounds and 30 x 36 inches for larger rabbits. Additionally, rabbits usually enjoy the two-story cages or ones with shelves. This gives them away to get off the ground or cage flooring whenever they want. Once the decision has been made to get a pet rabbit, the next decision is to figure out the best way to house her. There's a lot to consider between the type and size of the cage, as well as whether she will live indoors or outside. The following info will help you choose the right cage for your new pet. Although having a cage that's easy to clean likely means you'll clean it more often, you should still make your pet's comfort and safety your prime concern. Choose the very best cage you can afford, and make it as large as you have room for. If you do that, your rabbit will have a home that makes her feel safe and secure for years to come. It's important to choose safe bedding. While using clay kitty litter might seem convenient, this product can harm rabbits because the dust will irritate their delicate lungs. Hay or straw are also a good choices since they make great bedding and provide roughage for your pet. If a wire-cage is used, the flooring can be partially covered with a grass or sisal mat that will protect her feet. If you have a single bunny at home and are looking for a roomy, durable indoor rabbit cage, then you’ve just found it. The Petsfit Rabbit Hutch is highly recommended!