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Brand New 4 Foot Pets Furniture Ramp for Dogs or Cats, pet stairs - Free Shipping.
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For pups on the go, dog ramps are perfect for helping them get in and out of cars, trucks and SUVs. Water lovers, can also benefit from the assistance dog ramps can bring with no-slip styles which allow your pup to climb out of the water safely and securely. With regular use, pet stairs can reduce your dog’s risk of injury and back pain so you can strengthen your bond for years to come!
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The Normal Slope Pet Ramps for Beds have a moderate incline for dogs and cats with mild to moderate impairment. Red Oak or Maple construction, made in USA. Key to life-long joint health for active dogs of all ages, PetSTEP Pet Ramps prevent stress related injuries that can occur when pets jump down onto front legs.
Photo provided by FlickrDog Steps/Ramps. The perfect solution for aging or arthritic dogs -- we offer a variety of dog ramps and pet steps to fit your needs.
Photo provided by FlickrSturdy dog ramp holds up to 250 lbs and eases access to higher areas for older pets, dogs with arthritis, and those recovering from injury or surgery.
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In addition to being easier for dogs to use, Pet Loader is more durable than most ramps, and takes up less space. Telescoping ramps tend to fall apart more easily, and fold-in-half ramps use cheaper plastic which can crack under heavier weights.doggydocks® was the first product on the market to provide dogs easy access out of the water from docks, pools, and boats. Before there were doggy boat ladders and pet steps, there was doggydocks® Floating Dog Ramp. Our floating boat dock, pool and dock ramp for dogs is portable, lightweight, and attaches to any flat surface easily. When your dog is ready to get out of the water, they swim to the end of thedoggydocks® and walk out of the water.Solvit also makes another great option for a dog . The UltraLite Bi-fold model 62321 only weighs 10 pounds making it extremely lightweight and easy to carry. However, this ramp holds up to 200 pounds making it perfect for dogs of all sizes. Reaching heights of up to 24 inches, this ramp is great to use for things such as getting a pet in or out of a vehicle. This ramp is made from hard, tough plastic so it is very durable. The ramp comes with a safety latch to ensure that it does not open during transport. The ramp's surface is made of material that is high traction to ensure the dog is safe.The Double Telescope 72 by DogRamp is yet another great option for a pet owner looking to purchase a dog . This ramp extends out up to 72 inches and reaches up to 34 inches high. This ramp can hold dogs that weigh up to 200 pounds. The ramp is 15 inches wide. The walking surface of this ramp is lined with carpet made for both indoor and outdoor use that is easy to clean and maintain. This ramp also features rails on the sides to provide extra safety for the dogs. The lip of the ramp locks into place as soon as the animal steps onto the ramp.This portable from Pet Gear is another great option for a dog ramp. The Pet Gear Tri-Fold PG9300DR holds dogs up to 200 pounds. This trifold ramp folds up and latches shut for easy transportation. It is light and compact. The surface is skid resistant to prevent slipping when both wet and dry. The bottom of the ramp has rubber feet to ensure it does not slip. It also has a latch to attach the vehicle the pet is getting in or out of to also make sure it stays steady.Perhaps the most important criteria are the triad of the height, length and slope of your pet ramp. Once you know the height of the destination and how impaired your dog is, you can use our table below to determine the ramp length.Climber Slope (26 degrees) — Younger and healthier dogs should definitely be able to enjoy a climber slope of a 26-degree angle. Many use such slopes preventively to avoid too much jumping action.Normal Slope (22 degrees) — The moderate inclination of 24 degrees in the normal slope makes it great for dogs with minor mobility impairment or those getting older.Easy Slope (18 degrees) — Highly recommended if your dog has such as arthritis, or even achy muscles (ie. senior and disabled dogs, or those diagnosed with hip dysplasia for example.)