Make Your Pet Rat's Life More Interesting With Food Puzzles

Here are foods your pet rat can safely eat.
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You might also ask what rat foods are okay for us humans to eat. This is no joke! I learned about bok choy and kale thanks to my pet rats. Before I did research which foods were especially nutritious for rats, I’d never even eaten bok choy or kale.
Picture of Homemade Pet Rat Food
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You can find great treats from the bird and small animals aisles at the local pet store, but you can also share foods from your dinner plate. (My husband is a really good cook; I want little Rattie to try some, too!) But not all foods are safe for feeding pet rats, though. Do you know what foods are safe, what foods should be fed only once in a while, and what foods are poisonous to pet rats? Here are foods your pet rat can safely eat.
Photo provided by FlickrMake one special photo charms for your pets, 100% compatible with your Pandora bracelets. 11 Superfoods For Rats
Photo provided by FlickrAlso I did order rat food from a pet food site called chewy but they are taking their lovely time on shipping it I ordered a 25 lb bag of the stuff
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Rats love to eat and will often eat, not because they are hungry, but just because they enjoy it. Rats are omnivores meaning they will eat both plants and animals so there is a wide variety of foods that you can feed your pet. Below are some of the items you can feed your rat.Fresh Food
You should also feed your pet rat fresh healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. You can try sweet potatoes, tomatoes, apples, corn, broccoli and many others.Rat Food
There are many commercially available rat foods that will contain almost everything your pet rat will need. Rat food can contain a mix of pellets, fruits, nuts, vegetables, seeds, and grains. The drawback is that your rat may pick out his favorite pieces and not receive a well balanced diet.
Lab blocks are the best diet for rats and mice as this is a balanced diet and has everything your rats need. They are formulated specifically for rats and mice and have had years of research done to determine what our pets need in nutrition, vitamins, and minerals. The animals can’t pick and choose items out of the food thus causing an unbalanced diet and all kinds of problems from obesity to health issues. We have an article you can read on the web site. I have been feeding lab blocks since 1975 and recommending them to others since that time.Table Scraps
Rats love table scraps but you must feed them in moderation. Rats can not burp or vomit so avoid gassy foods. Your pet will eat almost anything and will enjoy being allowed to pick through different types of food. Rat fanciers disagree on the exact amount of fruits and veggies a rat should eat, but as little as 10 percent and no more than 20 percent of the total amount, by weight, of their daily food intake is recommended. You may have to experiment to find the best ratio of fruits and veggies for your rat. Always consult an experienced veterinarian regarding the health and treatment of your pets, including your rat's diet.