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Super Pet Rat Habitat -seems small as a place for them to live, but may be a great travel cage
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No other rat species is so widespread or so common as the Norwegian and black rats. The other rats tend to have specialized habitats and a limited geographical range. An example is the western New Guinea mountain rat (Rattus arrogans), which, as the name suggests, is only found in the mountains of central and western New Guinea. In contrast, the rice field rat (Rattus argentiventer) lives throughout the wet grasslands and rice paddies of Indochina. None of these species lives in such close contact with humans as the Norwegian and black rats, or has been domesticated. The giant pouched rats (genus Cricetomys), who also appear in the pet trade and occasionally as service animals, mainly in mine detection, aren’t particularly closely related to the true rats.
Petco Rat Manor Habitat
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Pet Mountain's Rat & Mouse Cage & Habitat Accessories store features top quality products from the most trusted names in small pet care and habitat accessories, including Kaytee, Ecotrition, and Super Pet. Our low price leader, the , comes in assorted colors made from translucent plastic, so you can see your pet inside its Igloo even when it thinks its hiding! Super Pet Igloos are constructed from durable plastic making them easy to clean, as well as odor and stain resistant. The one piece design features fresh air vents to ensure your pet's health and wellbeing. Igloos make a "cool" hideout for guinea pigs, ferrets, dwarf rabbits, chinchillas and other furry friends. You & Me Rat Manor Habitat | Petco
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Having rats as pets is very rewarding, educational, and increases creativity as one thinks up new ideas for an interesting habitat, games to play, and interaction with an intelligent, fun, affectionate pet.When you are choosing a rat cage, take a good look at the way the shelves and doors are organized. The cage doors should be suitably large for an adult to reach in and take out your pet rats without having to squeeze them through a small opening. The shelves and ramps should be set up, or movable so that you can adjust them, in such a way that there are no spots where your rat can feel cornered either by you reaching for them or by another rat in the habitat. Make sure that the door closure method is secure, a good way to test this is by closing the cage door and giving several firm tugs on the bars in the center of the door. If the door pops open, you can assume a rat with enough dedication will learn to pop the door open when they want to come out and play as well. Some cages offer the addition of flip top lids that open the entire top of the cage in addition to doors, which provides another easy access point. If you have to reach in to a cage and bend your wrist around a shelf to reach any part of the cage, remember that interacting with your rat and cleaning that type of cage will be more difficult.Purchasing a safe and appropriate habitat for your pet rats is one of the biggest decisions you will make for their well being, and it is often the largest expense when you are first starting out with rats. In this article, we will discuss basic cage safety, general habitat requirements, and show you some of the best options on the market for your pet rats.If you want to house your rats in a very large habitat, it will be much easier to move if it has wheels on the base. Most wheeled cages will stay put on carpeted floors, but if you have hard surface floors than you will also want to look for a cage that has locking casters to keep your cage from rolling around when you don't want it to.