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A is the most useful to keep pets safe and secure as much as it protects your home when you are away. During holidays, like Christmas, and Halloween, you hang out with your friends, and attend parties. You leave/ your pets at home alone. What if the burglars kicked in and then harmed your pets? With video security cameras, it can instantly soothe your fears and protect your pets from being stolen or harmed by intruders. And if there is a problem, you receive a notification. You can check on your pets and home right away and call 9-1-1 or a neighbor to help out.
What about cats? Pebby comes equipped with one of their favorite things: a laser. An inch above Pebby's camera is a pet-safe laser pointer.
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Setting up the camera is a breeze, but if you have any trouble, PetSafe has an impressive Customer Care Center with specialists in Knoxville, Tennessee, to help you get connected. PetSafe Vilage Pet Resort Webcams
Photo provided by FlickrApr 16, 2014 - PetSafe's SocialPet Camera & Treat Dispenser System includes everything you see here
Photo provided by FlickrFeb 13, 2014 - PetSafe just announced plans to launch its SocialPet Camera & Treat Dispenser
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Suppose your family member is not around to help you, and assuming you don’t want to entrust your furry darling to some unknown pet sitter, consider buying a virtual pet sitter like the . The interactive pet camera lets you monitor your pet while you’re traveling, giving you peace of mind and assurance that your pet is safe. Pet cameras come in all different shapes and sizes, most designed as hi-tech solutions for keeping a close eye on your pup or kitty from afar to ensure their safety. Some cameras include indoor and outdoor attachments, while allowing for two-way communication so you can talk to your pet from a different room.Adding a pet cam to your home will give you added security and peace of mind that your pet is safe and sound. Read our list of best pet cams to find which camera works for you and your pet! Tyson was unsure about his new camera at first. There are days that I head to work before the sun comes up, and get home well after the sun has set. While we are able to bring dogs to the office, mine usually prefer to stay at home. It’s really difficult to leave in the mornings with them staring at me, almost as if they are wondering when I will be back to play. When I had the chance to test our latest and greatest system, by PetSafe®, I knew it was going to be a little bit easier to leave for work each day.If you're out for a while, definitely try to find a camera offering two-way communication for reassuring your furry friend and one that dispenses treats with a remote command from a mobile device. These attributes come in handy when keeping your pet safe and stimulated throughout the day. Yesterday was National Dog Day, and we hope you all celebrated by giving your dog a special toy or treat... or just a big hug! In honor of this special holiday, we wanted to point out our top 3 favorite PetSafe® brand videos that have starred some our our own pups. Video shoots are always fun, and they make us love our dogs even more. Seeing them perform a trick on camera, follow a trail of treats to get "the shot," or just watching them from behind the camera. These are all great moments of being stage pet parents. Without further delay, here's what made the list.