• PetSafe Cat Collar (PCF-275-19)

In-Ground Cat Fence™ Collar - PetSafe
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Another great line that Pet Safe has is containment products! These are either wireless or wired “invisible” fences you can train your pet on. There are different benefits to each, such as the acreage covered and installation process, but both are less expensive than building a basic wooden fence around the same area! Collars go with these fences as well and again use the same correction methods. These fences can be used on cats also! I would really love to have one of these if I didn’t have a fenced in yard.
PetSafe Extra Receiver Collar for Cats | Petco
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The buckle on the Coastal Pet Safe Cat Collar is designed to release when a cat's collar gets caught, allowing it to slip free. This comfortable nylon collar is available in a wide variety of fun colors to suit your cat's distinct personality! Keep your cat safe with the Safe Cat Breakaway Collar.

PIG00-11006 | Petsafe Extra Cat Collar - Flexpetz
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Give your cat more outdoor freedom! This extra receiver collar can be used to add a cat to most PetSafe in-ground fences for dogs or cats. You can also use it as a replacement collar to the Deluxe In-Ground Cat Fence System (PIG00-11007). The collar features 4 adjustable levels of static correction plus tone-only mode for cats who learn their new boundaries quickly. Compatible with PetSafe in-ground fences except UltraSmart Rechargeable In-Ground Fence (PIG00-13619) and YardMax Rechargeable In-Ground Fence (PIG00-11115). Also compatible with the Indoor Pet Barrier Transmitter (PIRF-100) to protect your pet indoors.Set your cat’s curiosity boundaries at the edge of your yard and you’ll never have to worry about her whereabouts with the In-Ground Cat Fence system. Let them play, bask, and be the natural cats they are, knowing they’re always safe in the yard. Teach your cat her boundaries in only 2 weeks. Some cats even learn faster than dogs! This was designed just for cats, with a special stretch section for added safety. Add extra compatible collars for eachpet in your home. Your favorite feline will love her new outdoor freedom.When my cat was about 4 months old, he wanted to sit on top of my bird cage. My bird was not happy. I got the Pet Fence, put the collar on the cat and the monitor under the bird cage. Once Pumkin got close to the cage, was shocked once. Being a very smart cat, he will walk toward the cage and back off as soon as the collar starts ticking. When I put wire around my backyard fence, top & bottom, and installed a monitor in the garage, Pumkin knew what the ticking meant and stays in the backyard. The crazy man next door can’t harm Pumkin because of my 8” fence. I LOVE MY PETSAFE FENCE ! :o)CharlottePetSafe YardMax Collar (PIG00-11116): The YardMax Collar is suitable for dogs 10 lbs. and up. This small, lightweight collar has an impressive range of correction strength. It is delicate enough for small dogs and powerful enough for even very large dogs. The YardMax collar is also rechargeable!! The range of correction levels and recharge-ability make it our preferred in-ground fence option from PetSafe. The YardMax fence collar is also compatible with the full line of PetSafe Pawz Away Pet Barrier products. Give your cats more outdoor freedom. This extra receiver collar can be used to add a cat to most PetSafe in-ground fences for dogs or cats. The collar features 4 adjustable levels of static correction plus tone-only mode for cats to learn their new boundaries quickly. Designed especially for your cat with a safety stretch collar, compact size, and appropriate correction levels, the PetSafe Cat collar is perfect for keeping your cats safe at home. The collar can be used with any PetSafe In-Ground Containment System.