Spare probes & parts; For fence collars.

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Get the guaranteed lowest price AND free shipping on PetSafe Replacement Parts including probes and washers for PetSafe collars, flags for wireless and in-ground fence training and power adapters.
Get receiver collars, collar parts, extra wire and flags, and boundary wire break locator for the PetSafe®  (PIG00-10777).
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America's Pet Store is an Authorized Retailer for all PetSafe products featuring: , including the handheld ; PetSafe pet doors, PetSafe Scat Mats, all PetSafe training collars and all PetSafe collar replacement parts including the and . Find Add-A-Pet® collars, contact points, spray refills, and replacement parts, kits, and straps for PetSafe® remote trainers.
Photo provided by FlickrFind collar skins, contact points, spray refills, and replacement parts, kits, and straps for PetSafe® bark control products.
Photo provided by FlickrGreat replacement parts for my petsafe collar which saved me a lot of money not having to buy a new collar.
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Here's where you'll find PetSafe replacement parts, batteries and accessories for in-ground fence systems, wireless fence systems, bark control collars, remote trainers and electronic pet doors.America's Pet Store is an Authorized Online Retailer for PetSafe products including systems, dog doors, bark collars and PetSafe training collars with remote control. If you need accessories or replacement parts see the PetSafe Replacement Collar section or the PetSafe batteries and accessories section below. The Petsafe Replacement Collar Accessories are easy to use and they work great! You can use all of the parts to totally refresh your pet's collar or only replace those that are worn or broken. You never know when replacement parts can come in handy, so order today!My only complaint for these is the flimsy nylon snap-together collar. For the price of these and to accommodate large dogs, Pet Safe really ought to mount these on higher quality, sturdy collars. We had to replace our old ones and I expect these collars will break as well. Also, regarding packaging, there is no need to tighten the screws into the device so tight. We stripped out several of the screws trying to get the back off to insert the battery. Great product all in all, but there needs to be higher quality collars and parts with these. I would even pay a little more to not have to deal with those 2 issues.Find Add-A-Pet® collars, contact points, spray refills, extra transmitters, replacement parts, kits, and straps for PetSafe® remote trainers, bark control, and pet proofing products.