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the PetSafe brand dog doors had I realized how expensive the replacement parts would be.
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If you need a replacement flap for any dog door or cat door, locking cover, or other pet door part, it is vital that you order the correct brand. Most parts are not interchangeable between brands or models from the same manufacturer even if the dimensions seem to match. Use dimensions to select the correct size within the brand only after the brand has been established. The one exception to this is the Pride which can replace the Johnson or PetSafe Ultimate doors.
Replacement parts for both of these model pet doors are non existent per the manufacturer PetSafe directly
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We have been more than pleased with this PetSafe product and feel that it is a great value for the price. So happy that we can get replacement parts and not have to install a new door each time, since the newer ones are plastic. Parts & Accessories for Dog, Cat, Pet Doors - Staywell, Petsafe. Lowest Prices and FREE USA Shipping!
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Photo provided by FlickrSpare installation parts; For Extreme Weather Door.
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My other gripe with this unit is that it is not possible to buy a replacement door flap. The supplied door is quite sturdy, and I would never have guessed that I would need another. However, one of our cats hit it at full tilt while it was locked, splitting the plastic door in two and completely knocking it out of the frame. Fortunately, the cat seemed unperturbed by the event. In searching for a replacement, I found that the PetSafe site explicitly states "no replacement parts available, please buy a new door." This really is unacceptable.Find filters, cleaning kit, reservoirs, and replacement kits and parts for PetSafe® and Drinkwell fountains and filtration systems. Filter subscriptions now available! Get fountain filters automatically and conveniently delivered right to your door when you need them. Free shipping and 5% discount included.