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 approves Item 8 Motion on Banning Pet Sales from Retail Outlets. The meeting has adjourned.
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According to the American Pet Products Association, pet owners in the United States spent an estimated $62.75 billion on their animals last year, with $24.01 billion on food and $14.98 billion in supplies and over-the-counter medicine, making their target market roughly $40 billion. At $2 billion in sales, Chewy would command roughly 5 percent of the market.
Canton is now the first Georgia city to pass a no pet retail sales law, joining more than 200 cities nationwide with similar laws.
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If overcrowding is an issue, it is thanks to these practices, not the small number of pets sold at stores to highly selective owners. But even where overcrowding is a problem, it is most frequently breed-specific, for example with chihuahuas and bull-type breeds. Banning pet store sales won’t do anything to help with that problem. Now California could give their cause a huge boost if it becomes the first state in the nation to ban sales of such animals at pet stores.
Photo provided by FlickrThe bill would also completely prohibit outdoor pet sales — like at flea markets and in parking lots — where the animals .
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