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Question: What are the differences among the various brands of sliding glass pet doors?
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The best patio door pet conversion available
Allows your sliding glass door to slide and lock normally
No interference with screen function
Renowned energy-efficient Endura Flap
Pets able to access the “great outdoors” on their own
Better looking and more functional than inefficient “pet panels”
Dual pane glass, magnetic seal Endura Flap, no air gaps
Security cover included for extra peace of mind
Easy conversion back to the original door when you sell your home
The vinyl-framed pet doors will be thicker to more nearly match vinyl-framed sliding glass doors.
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4. Sliding Door Systems that have a French Panel design on the main glass will not work with any Patio Pet Door. It is impossible to achieve a decent weather seal between your sliding door and the fixed panel with this type of glass design These are most often found with Pella brand doors. Security Lock Bars for Sliding Glass Doors,Patio Doors,Pet Door Panels
Photo provided by FlickrWhen installing a pet door panel, the sliding glass door manufacturer’s lock is now useless.
Photo provided by Flickr3. Some very specialized pet patio doors will actually mate to the lock on your sliding glass door. These doors would be the  and the .
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A Pet Door That Makes Sense
The patio door conversion kit by Pet Door Guys is a sensibly designed, custom built, weather-tight panel that fits your existing sliding glass door. While the pet door keeps the weather out, you still have full use of the sliding door, latch and screen. Pets love the freedom. And so will you.Pet Door Guys patio door conversion kit for your pet allows your door — or window — to be as energy-efficient as it was originally intended. Using the most technologically advanced components available in today's market, you can have the confidence of having a perfect fit every time. For details on how each pet door for a sliding glass door is installed, .You've got a home and lovely pets. The only problem is that you're tired of letting them in and out at the most inopportune times. All of that is about to change. With the revolutionary Pet Door Guys vinyl frame replacement kit, you simply replace the existing glasspack in your sliding glass door with our custom-built insert. It's the best solution to needing a pet door for a sliding glass door.The only glass mount pet door that allows your sliding patio door or window to lock, latch and work just how the factory intended allowing you full access through your door with no panel taking up half the opening.The Plexidor Glass Conversion Pet Door with its see-thru shatter resistant insulated dual thermo-pane panels is simply the most energy efficient weather-tight pet door available today and is the only choice for mounting in your sliding patio door, french style door or window."IN THE GLASS" | The Pet Door Guys System is a method of installing a dog door directly through the dual-pane glass of your sliding glass door! This is a neat idea and it's really essential when you must use your slider for the dog door and a patio pet panel won't leave enough room for you to go out. Sizes available are Small through X Large. #dogdoors