How to Remove Dog Urine Odor, Stains and Spots from CarpetsNatural

Here are some warnings when you are looking to get your rug cleaned for pet stain and odor removal:
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We love our pets, but could really do without their stains and odors on our carpets, hardwood and upholstery. Fortunately, there are cleaning methods and products that allow us to remove these unfavorable situations from our homes.
Removing Pet Stains and Odors
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Carpet Cleaning in St. Louis, MO & beyond - Bleach Stain Removal, Area Rug Cleaning, Hardwood Re-coating, Pet Stains & Odor Removal, Furniture Cleaning, Tile & Grout Cleaning, Natural Stone Care and more! and get a free estimate for pet stain and odor removal in your home or business. Your satisfaction is our guarantee!
Photo provided by FlickrKirby Pet Stain and Odor Remover Carpet Cleaner is our best pet spot cleaner for cleaning up stinky pet stains.
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In some cases our standard Zerorez carpet cleaning process may be all that is needed. In more severe cases, when the urine soaks through the carpet backing into the padding, we have a specialized method to remove these difficult pet odors and stains through a pad extraction procedure.We all love our pets, but occasionally they have accidents or get sick. A&C Carpet & Tile Cleaning are experts at pet odor removal and removing stains from carpets.Our product removes the stain and smell leaving you to believe there was never an accident in the first place. Having your carpets professionally cleaned as quickly as possible after an accident ensures maximum benefit, which is why we offer emergency services for all of our valued clients. If you have a problem and need help with dog odor removal or cat odor removal due to dog / cat urine on your rugs or carpets in your Sacramento, CA area home or business, call Valley Carpet Care.If you need a quality pet stain or odor removal service that you can count on, then you have come to the right place! Our customers continue to choose us as their carpet cleaning provider because they know that we work diligently to get the job done. Our crew has the knowledge and experience to tackle both pet stain and odor problem issues. Our cleaning solutions are non-toxic to you, your pets and your family.We can also remove stains and odors from your upholstery. By having your carpet and upholstery professionally cleaned by A&C Capet Cleaning, you can avoid ruining the fiber or fabric by using the wrong products or cleaning methods.For effective results, professional attention is needed to treat urine, feces, vomit or other organic pet stains. At home carpet cleaning machines and over the counter cleaners do not have the stength or complexity required to completely treat and sanitize the contaminated areas. As a matter of fact, these DIY solutions can actually worsen the stain and odor issues, making the removal process more difficult or nearly impossible!Carpet Care Specialist can help you with pet stain and odor removal so that your carpets and upholstery looks great and smells fresh again. We use our cleaning process, along with additional treatments to pull the urine out of your carpets, not push the urine through the backing of the carpet and further into the padding, which is what can occur when treating with just typical steam cleaner Our treatment will eliminate 99.9% of the bacteria and germs, and enzymes in our solution helps to break down the the urine, eliminating the pet stains and odor.Topical Treatments: For pet stains and odor that is recent this treatment will work wonders. We are able to treat the carpet with a urine pre-conditioner. This incredibly effective product suspends urine salts so they can be completely flushed away. We follow this up with a thorough cleaning with an all fiber rinse and then apply our topical treatment. This eco-friendly solution contains enzyme-producing bacteria that digests organic waste, destroying odors at their source for removal.