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24 High Dog Stairs for Tall Beds. All Wood by HamptonBayPetSteps, $149.00
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Older dogs sometimes need help getting onto and off the couch or your bed—stiff joints, arthritis, and spine fusion are often to blame. Even younger dogs, particularly smaller breeds, can suffer injury jumping down from your bed. These lightweight steps provide sure footing for your dog and ease of use for you. For pet use only. Imported.
24" Tall Dog Steps,Wooden Pet Steps, Dog Items, Dog Stairs for Beds ...
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Steps are great for pets that you want to get in and out of your bed. At one time I had 12 tiny Yorkies that slept with me, and they needed steps. Pet Steps, 24" High, Custom Made, Dog steps for Beds, Dog Stairs, Pet ...
Photo provided by Flickr24" Tall Dog Steps,Wooden Pet Steps, Dog Items, Dog Stairs for Beds ...
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Royal Ramps proudly offers the highest-quality dog steps made in the USA. Every product is made from the best material including industrial-grade high density foam that's sturdy enough for dogs up to 75 pounds but ultra lightweight for easy movement around the house between your couch, bed, or anywhere else your pet needs easier access. Our covers are hand-sewn one-by-one here in the United States from furniture grade microfiber suede that's durable enough for tens of thousands of uses and impermeable to stains. Most spills wipe right off with a warm cloth, including red wine, ball point pen, and more, but the covers are also machine washable and easily removed thanks to our zippered on design. Our patented modular design lets you pick and choose the pieces you want to create pet steps for dogs that are the perfect size for your furniture, or for any of your furry friends including cats and more.Trust me, your pet needs this tall dog bed steps. They've got six steps and soft cloth upholstery. It's a fantastic product for high beds. If you searching for a high quality pet steps, you should try this!Help maintain and protect your pet's joint health with the Dog Steps with 4 Steps. Pets that constantly jump off sofas, beds, and other furniture can place unnecessary strain on the joints which could potentially lead to arthritis. Reduce your pet's risk today by ordering these compact and durable pet stairs. The Dog Steps provide a wide surface area that allows your pet to stop and rest on each step before moving forward, which is especially helpful for senior pets. These pet stairs support dogs and cats up to 150 lbs and are available in 2 colors (Tan and Cocoa) to accommodate most decor. Please note: Some dogs may need training to use the steps. We recommend using a treat to encourage your pet up and down the steps to become accustomed to using it.Does your pet has difficulties with reaching higher places, such as sofas, beds, or chairs? Using this 15'' high dog stairs with two steps, your four-legged friend will now have the opportunity to hop on the bed with no effort, whatsoever. The piece is hand made of wood and carpet.The modern home is also functional - if we have a pet at home - important to help him with pet steps, made of real maple wood, with matte finish and non-slip security, together with heavy duty wrought iron frame. Pet stairs are perfect for tall beds, too.If your bed is too high for your dog to get on, try a dog ramp. This one is fit for traditionally stylized bedrooms as it sports elegant medium toned wood construction and anti-skid blue carpet covered steps.