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Pet supplies stores in Massachusetts - Fromm Family Foods
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Fromm Family Foods artisan pet food and treats are sold through the following independent and locally owned pet supply stores in Sturbridge, Massachusetts.
Pet supplies stores in Sturbridge, Massachusetts - Fromm Family Foods
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These Massachusetts regulations provide provisions regarding the licensing and operation of pet stores; the licensee's responsibility towards the animals within the pet store; the licensee's restrictions on animal sales; and the government's inspection of the pet store's premises, amongst other topics. Cambridge, Massachusetts Could Ban Selling Pets in Pet Stores
Photo provided by FlickrCambridge, Massachusetts may pass a city ordinance that will make it illegal to sell pets at pet stores.
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If the Massachusetts City Council , animals will no longer be sold in pet stores in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with exception to those animals that came from The bill aims to improve the quality of life for animals bred to be sold in stores where conditions are often deemed inhumane.Contrary to the misleading rhetoric heard in Cambridge on June 6, prospective companion animal owners who go to pet stores are buying their cats and dogs from businesses that buy only from legal, licensed breeders. Furthermore, each and every pet store in Massachusetts that sells dogs must, , transparently “provide the customer with a copy of the dog’s complete medical record and a notice of the 14-day warranty provided for under Massachusetts state law.” Pet stores are also only allowed to sell dogs that have been examined by a veterinarian within seven days of the sale, and sick dogs are not allowed to be sold.“Responsible breeders do not sell to pet stores,” said Stephanie Harris, Massachusetts state director of the Humane Society of the United States, an advocate of the bill.HB 3212 provides the proper balance between accessibility to pets and having high standards for Massachusetts stores. The bill’s provisions appropriately limit from whom retailers may get their pets. They also require several measures of transparency between retailers and prospective pet owners, and the warranty for congenital and hereditary diseases protects everyone. HB 3212 further creates consistent, high-quality standards across Massachusetts for pet breeders and retailers. These and other high standards rightly govern applicable companion animal sales statewide. With expected passage of the Cambridge ordinance to ban all pet sales except for fish, it is now up to state lawmakers to stand up for the thousands of pet lovers who have benefited from the care and expertise at Massachusetts pet stores by passing .