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The 21st Century Essential Pet Pill Gun makes dispensing tablets and capsules to your pets easy
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Petzi Treat Cam is an interactive pet treat dispenser and camera that allows you to check on your pet anywhere, anytime, with your Smartphone or Tablet, connecting to your Wi-fi through the secure Petzi App.
Created and used by veterinarians, this unique pill dispenser actually holds a pill, tablet, or capsule in the end so it stays there while you medicate your pet.
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A 14-year-old girl created iCPooch, an automated dog-treat dispensing device and app that let's owners video chat with their pets via most tablet devices. (11/13/14) Pet Pill Dispenser helps you administer capsules or tablets to the back of your pets throat which helps them swallow the medication.
Photo provided by FlickrPortable Pet water dispenser from Bizpen Promotional Products, Corporate gifts and Advertising Promotional Items, imprinted by Bizpen.
Photo provided by FlickrWell & Good Easy Pill Dispenser
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4. To open your pet's mouth take your thumb and middle finger and apply gentle pressure on both sides of the jaw hinge to open your pet's mouth. As the mouth opens, insert the pill dispenser to the back of the mouth and push plunger quickly to dispense tablet.Smart Animal Training Systems is committed to evolving its products as new pet technology is discovered. Pet Tutor offers remote rewards through a smartphone or tablet. Pet owners can check in on their dogs using Pet Tutor’s tablet or smartphone app. Additionally, pet owners can instantly dispense treats to reward good behavior remotely.Keep tabs on your pets while you’re away from home with this WiFi-enabled pet treat dispenser from iCPooch. The dispenser connects to your household WiFi network so you can dole out treats remotely via a free iOS or Android smartphone app. On the front of the dispenser, adjustable brackets can be used to secure a second smartphone or tablet, which can also be controlled via the remote app to let you video-chat with your pet—just to keep an eye on them or calm them with their favorite lullaby.As we all know, our dogs spend most of the day sleeping and wondering when we’re going to walk through the door and greet them with a big hug. No matter how long you’ve been gone, or where you’ve been, they’re always right there at the door with a huge smile and wagging tail. This automated treat dispenser gives every pet owner the ability to interact from their smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop computer as many times as they want with their favorite pet. The Petzi Treat Cam is a revolutionary remote treat dispenser and camera that makes it fun and easy to connect with your pet from anywhere, at any time. Check-in with your pet when you are not at home using the free, secure Petzi App on your smartphone or tablet. With a simple tap, you can SEE, SPEAK, SNAP, or TREAT. The PharmaPet Home Health Care Value Pack contains all of the essentials when it comes to pills and tablets for pets. This Value Pack contains the Tablet Cutter, the Pill Dispenser, the Paw Print Pill Reminder, and the Large Pill Reminder for all your at home health care needs.