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Proper identification protects your cat. Get pet tags, name tags and cat id for your cat's collar.
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Sometimes the unthinkable happens! Your cat scurries out the door without you seeing or your dog chases after a squirrel and takes off into the woods. It’s hard to imagine losing your pet and endlessly searching for them. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so why not create a pet ID tag to make sure your best friend makes it home safe and sound. We offer a variety of shapes, colors and sizes to fit your pet’s personality! Custom pet tags are not only stylish, but also practical!
If you’re in the market for personalized identification for your dog or cat, here’s our list of the top ten best pet ID tags.
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For their health and safety and your peace of mind, all pet cats should be kept indoors. But accidents can happen. A door or window inadvertently left open can tempt your feline friend to slip outside. That's why all cats should wear collars and tags. Dog Tags, Dog ID Tags, Pet Tags, Pet ID Tags, Cat ID Tags, Cat Tags, Etched Brass Dog Tags, Unique Dog Tags, Custom Pet Tag
Photo provided by FlickrDog Tags, Dog ID Tags, Pet Tags, Pet ID Tags, Cat ID Tags, Cat Tags, Etched Brass Dog Tags, Unique Dog Tags, Custom Pet Tag
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Research shows that 80 percent of pet owners believe it’s important that dogs and cats wear personal identification tags, but only one in three pet owners say their pets always wear them. The importance of pet tags was highlighted last week with news of five years after she went missing from her Colorado home. She had been embedded with a microchip as a kitten, which carried information about her owners 1,800 miles away.Owners who had removed tags said they did so because the animal was an indoor pet or because the animal indicated some discomfort with the collar. A few others reported losing the tags, and one said tags were unnecessary because the family “lived in the country.” During the study period, 18 pets were reported lost, and 17 of them, including 13 dogs and 4 cats, were found and returned home. Of those, nine dogs and one cat had been returned home because someone used the information on the pet tag to reunite the animal with its owner.To study whether the use of pet tags can be increased, Dr. Weiss and A.S.P.C.A. researchers in Oklahoma City conducted a study in which veterinarians and adoption centers placed collars and ID tags directly on cats and dogs. The group tracked 109 owners of dogs and cats who had been fitted with collars and tags during clinic visits or the adoption process.We make the best / most durable hanging tags on the planet. Still, in time, all traditional/hanging tags will fail. In time the ring or hook used to attach them to the pet's collarwill wear out and the tag will fall off; or the friction of the tag rubbing against other tags on the pet's collar will wear away the tag text. Even if you use a traditional hanging tag to ID your pet I urge you to ALSO consider getting a CollarTag to back up the the hanging tag. Only with a CollarTagcan you be certain there will be a secure and readable identification tag on your pet should it ever become separated from you. Bottom line: Having a CollarTag on your pet's collar assures you the finder of your lost pet will be able to contact you.Pet-Tags has been servicing customers around the world for more than ten years. Our tags can be found on more than 2 million satisfied cats and dogs in over 75 countries, from the USA to Iceland to Fiji!New for 2014, Dog Tag Art is proud to be the exclusive provider of Nyan Cat themed pet ID tags. This brand new line of tags features Nyan Cat and a host of other characters from artist . There is sure to be a little something for everyone (even dogs) in this amazing colorful line-up.