Pet Taxi 21089 Heavy Duty, Intermediate Pet Carrier, 24.1 in L x 16 in W x ..
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What are my purposes? I really only take Monty out *so far* to go to the pet store I got her from (nice mom-and-pop place, very rabbit & rodent-savvy) to get her nails trimmed and to visit with the employees because they all got very attached to her and her littermates. They used to have a Flemish who roamed the store full-time (I think she went home with the owner at night though), and really miss having one around. Back to the point--She'll also be going to the vet in the near future so I can get a well-bunny visit and get acquainted with the vet so I can determine whether I feel comfortable having them do her spay in a few months. I might also occasionally travel with her on public transit if there's a bunny event nearby, or to take her to a friend's place. Not sure if I will yet, I just like to have options. (I do have a car, but for things in the more urban parts of Chicago, there is poor parking, and I would rather save gas and use the CTA.) For those purposes, I really like the idea of getting a soft carrier. The hard plastic pet taxi, while seemingly very sturdy and protective, was difficult to lug on public transit. Even with a shoulder strap attached, it was very painful against my body, and walking just a short distance jostled my kitty around and bruised my side.
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Taxis are a bit more complicated. Of course, service animals are still permitted, but taxi drivers can refuse to take non-service animals. of the DC Municipal Regulations require passengers to bring pets in a secure carrier, but also allow cab drivers to reject a non-service animal if they have a medical condition, such as allergies. Pet Taxi Pet Carrier, Heavy Duty, Plastic, Pet Taxi, Medium Capacity, 23 in Overall ..
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