Pet Waste Bags with Dispenser (1,000-Count)

These cute dog house shaped pet waste bag dispensers include 10 biodegradable white waste bags.
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Sort of a scissor crossed with a shovel, the Alfie Pet Waste Scissors acts as a small extension to your hand, furthering the distance between you and the poo when picking up. First throw a small piece of tissue or plastic bag over the poop, then like using a normal pair of scissors, use your fingers to spread the handles apart to open up the plastic blades. Place the blades around the waste and squeeze the handles back together to cup the waste and pick it up. You would want to have a plastic bag on hand to dump the contents into before emptying in the closet trash receptacle.
Colorful, biodegradable pawprint pet waste bag refills brighten a routine task.
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The conventional plastic used in some dog pickup bags is very resistant to degradation, meaning it does not break down organically over time and can remain in a landfill for decades or even centuries. In contrast, biodegradable and oxo-biodegradable pet waste bags are designed to be decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms like fungi and algae. Oxo-biodegradable bags contain an additive that allows the bags to begin breaking down first by oxidation, then by degradation so that the plastic will eventually breakdown into CO2, water and biomass, similar to when a leaf breaks down. However, like any material left in the environment, many factors exist that determine the ability and timeframe it takes for something to break down. At least using an oxo-biodegradable dog poop bag gives a much better opportunity for the bag to break down then conventional plastic. Here are some ways to make the best use of biodegradable pet waste bags:
Photo provided by FlickrPet Waste Bag Dispenser, Color Tan, Material Powder Coated Steel, For Use With Mfr. No. SD-6-400
Photo provided by FlickrQuantity: 1 Holder holds 2 Rolls of Pet Waste Bags (each sold separately).
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With more than a decade of experience in keeping keeping communities pet waste free, DoodyCalls has tested almost every pet waste bag and pet waste station over the years. We used our almost 20 years experience to create a series of guides to help you make the best pet waste management product purchasing decisions for your community.Interested in learning more about DOGIPOT pet waste pickup bags and liner trash bags , or have any questions about additives or oxo-biodegradability, please call us at --we would be happy to answer your every question!Keeping pet-friendly areas of your community, park or business clean and waste-free for your residents and customers to enjoy doesn't have to be complicated or wasteful. It all starts with choosing the right dog waste management tools, including providing easy access to pet waste pickup bags and receptacles to dispose of dog poop. offer an ideal solution for pet areas large and small, as they can be stocked with and , both containing d2w, for easy convenient and, most importantly, a more eco-friendly pet waste pickup.While pet waste is not readily accepted at most compost facilities around the country, there are now a number of communities and parks successfully composting their dog waste and using BioBags as the method of collection. The future looks very bright for all waste separation initiatives. We are proud to play a part.BioBag® Pet Waste Bags come in standard size, large size and on a roll for easy portability. They are a great alternative to regular polyethylene plastic bags. BioBag Pet Waste Bags are made from a resin () derived from plants, vegetable oils and compostable polymers. BioBags are manufactured in the USA. Mater-Bi® is sourced from Italy. The bags are black to hide contents after use.Classic Plastic provides many choices for commercial dog waste bags. These environmentally friendly dog poop bags provide you with the ability to properly clean up after pets. From dog poop bags for parks to dog waste bags with your business logo on them, Classic Plastics is here to help. We can work with you to customize your order for your specific dog waste needs.