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This Dog Yoda Costume is an officially licensed STAR WARS pet costume product
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has a new batch of inspired dog costumes. Joining the already available Princess Leia, Darth Vader, and Yoda get-ups, the upcoming assortment features Bantha, Dewback, Tauntaun, and AT-AT options. Whether your pet aligns itself with the Sith or Jedi, these Star Wars costumes prove that there’s really only one side of the Force that matters: the adorable one.
Yoda Dog Costume Star Wars Pet Jedi Master Halloween Fancy Dress Outfit
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A few of these were my pets, and I actually got the costumes at

You can buy yours here too!!! Perfect for the pet with the wisdom or Yoda Easy-to-wear costume hat for your best friend Size S/M suggested breeds: Chihuahua, Yo
Photo provided by FlickrPerfect for the pet with the wisdom or Yoda Easy-to-wear costume hat for your best friend Size S/M suggested breeds: Chihuahua, Yo
Photo provided by FlickrStar Wars Yoda Pet Costume
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Your dog. Talk like Yoda, do they? Need this Yoda Pet Costume, they do. Share their wisdom, they will. Do or do not pick up the poop––there is no try.Naturally, of those members of the Order, Yoda is considered the most loyal. He's always there to help out his fellow Jedi, except for when he's vacationing on Dagobah, so we just know your loyal best friend is itching to play the part. In this adorable Star Wars pet costume, that little doggo can finally do just that! It comes with a Yoda body piece that ties around the neck and a matching, large headpiece to emulate those iconic ears. Better yet, it's 100% Polyester, so this costume won't be getting scratched off. We can all but guarantee this pet get-up will be a hit! That said, we cannot, however, guarantee it will help you lift that X-Wing out of that swamp.YODA PET COSTUME The Jedi order is full of the wisest beings to ever exist in the galaxy. Of those members of the order Yoda is considered to be most loyal. He is always there to help out his fellow Jedi. Now your loyal best friend can look just like the amazing Yoda in this adorable Star Wars pet costume.Get these Star Wars pet costumes and dress up your dog as Yoda, Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Ewok, Boba Fett or an AT-T Imperial Walker this year for Halloween, or just anytime you want!Of course we've got your favorite characters like Princess Leia, Darth Vader and Yoda. And if you picture your pet as more of a beast of burden, you can't beat our Dewback, Bantha, and Tauntaun costumes. They come complete with miniature plush riders! And of course if you have a certain tall breed of dog, you have to get them they AT-AT Imperial Walker Costume. The laughs and memories will be epic!Nothing can guarantee to turn heads a lot better than walking a dog in full costume. Where it’s the Minions or Master Yoda outfit, fully costumed pets walking in the park or even in malls where dogs are allowed are sure to stop people in their tracks and elicit some oohs and ahhs. Many might even take a snapshot or even shoot a mini clip of this 4-legged mascot. If you’d want your dog to be the center of attention and boost both your egos, then you might want to consider our top ten dog costumes in 2016.