Petco Brand Scoopable Refillable Cat Litter $11.99

Is the refillable cat litter at petco/petsmart any good
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Love this Petco location and their employees, especially Lily who was the most friendly staff I've met yet there today. She politely asked for a donation to their pet rescue, (which I did) and remembered to thank me for it before I left. She also noticed that I mentioned adopting a stray cat recently and gave me a nice cat product coupon book. Lily is a great example of all of the staff at this location, a genuinely friendly employee who understands great customer service. Also, the refillable cat litter Petco features is absolutely the best solution for that cat need around and I hope they never discontinue it!
PetCo Refillable Unscented Cat Litter.
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I have also found PetSmart to be cheaper than Petco. My older cat needs a couple of food supplements and they are both significantly less expensive at PetSmart. Canned cat food is much less expensive at PetSmart than at Safeway, especially if you wait for the sales. The only thing I buy at Petco is their store brand of cat litter, because they sell it in a refillable plastic bucket that you can refill in the store. I just paid 9.99 to refill a 30 lb bucket (with their card). Sep 17, 2016 - Photo of Unleashed by Petco -
Photo provided by FlickrI only shop Petco for the refillable cat litter
Photo provided by FlickrPetco Brand Scoopable Refillable Cat Litter (30-lb
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