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What I like about the AirPupSaver is that it’s large enough for Chloe to stretch out in, and since it’s not enclosed, ventilation is not an issue. Chloe is clearly comfortable in both sizes of bed, and I believe that she would be safe in it in a crash. She’s just tall enough to see out the window a bit, which is a nice change for her from the fully-enclosed Pet Tube.
Petego Pet Tube Car Kennel crate for dogs and cats that travel
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The Pet Tube turns out to be a good choice. It took me awhile to figure out how it works best — initially, I left the straps long, and pulled the right rear seatbelt across them to keep the tube pinned closer to the seat, but a few months ago I realized that if I dramatically shortened the PetTube’s hanging straps instead, there was no need for the safety belt. In an accident, if the hanging straps were cinched short enough, the Pet Tube would swing up and forward without hitting the passenger seat in front of Chloe. You might find this video on the Pet Tube helpful to add to your post.
Photo provided by FlickrDoes Chloe have the small pet tube (18″ by 18″) per PetEgo’s website?
Photo provided by FlickrWARNING….the PetTube did NOT pass the Center for Pet Safety crash test !!!
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2 years old, and the wire frame has worn through the "space age" material. Photos here

I've owned this Pet Ego Pet Tube dog carrier for the car since December 2011. I've seen some videos of safety test trials for dogs in harnesses, which including test dog dummies being decapitated, So I thought that I'd do this review for the website.

Transporting my dogs safely in a dog carrier that prevents the dogs from flailing around in the car in the event of a roll-over is paramount to me.The collapsible pet tube by Petego isn’t necessarily a crate, kennel, or carrier. It’s a unique alternative that can only be described as a “pet tube.”This in no ordinary crate, in fact it’s not really a crate at all; this is a collapsible pet tube. This is ideal for those pets that enjoy riding in the car but can get a bit bouncy in the seat.Yes, that break-through discovery (“In an accident, if the hanging straps were cinched short enough, the Pet Tube would swing up and forward without hitting the passenger seat in front of Chloe”) was all wrong. I have reader Terri to thank for setting me straight. As you’ll see in a comment on that post, she sent me a link to — and in it, at the 1:30 mark, Dorset Dog shows you how it’s done.Petego’s pet tube is a safer alternative for owners who generally give their dog free reign of the back seat while they travel because it still gives the dog freedom to move around. In the even of a minor accident, the dog won’t be launched into the front seat because they’re contained inside the expandable pet tube.But never mind. Live and learn! Onwards, and also upwards! Our focus is now on correct installation of the Pet Tube, and you’ll need to release the car seat’s lock and tilt the seat forward to do that — and be sure to secure the strap that’s closer to the center of the car first, before securing the strap closer to the door.