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The structure foam of the dog house keeps it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Considered to be one of the most efficient insulation, it is nitrogen-based and environmentally safe. The Petmate Indigo Igloo Dog House has ventilation on the top which allows air to circulate, yet keep the rain out. The vent is adjustable so it can be closed in cold, winter months.
Petmate Dogloo KD Igloo Large Dog House
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Specially designed with dogs in mind, these doors for igloo dog houses are the perfect way to help prevent cold winter drafts from coming into your dog's house. Made exclusively for the Indigo Dog House, these Petmate Indigo Dog House Doors help keep your pet's home comfortable and warm by increasing heat retention and keeping out the cold drafts, rain or even snow. Composed of heavy-duty vinyl construction, this sturdy dog house door is built to withstand the abuse of various weather conditions in order to provide your precious pooches with the added protection and security that they both need and deserve. Meanwhile, these doors allow your dogs quick and easy access to their warm shelter. For added convenience, these special flap-style doors are easy to install as they can be quickly and securely bolted in place directly on to your Petmate Indigo Dog House. Don't leave your favorite four legged friends out in the cold without one of these beneficial door flaps to help keep them cozy, warm and secure no matter the weather. To adequately accommodate practically any size dog, these door flaps are available in various sizes. Petmate Dogloo KD Igloo Large Dog House
Photo provided by FlickrAh, the Dogloo... gotta love that name. This is the ever popular igloo-style dog house made by Petmate, a subsidiary of Doskocil Inc.
Photo provided by FlickrIf you’re interested in an igloo dog house for your canine, we recommend the Petmate Igloo Dog House, which is detailed below.
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The classic igloo-shaped Petmate Dogloo XT with Microban protects your dog from outdoor elements. Featuring an exclusive, patented dome design and structural foam construction that uses your pet's body heat to keep warm in cold weather. The shape helps keep the house stable in high winds and naturally sheds snow and other debris that could collect on top.The Petmate Indigo Dog House is an igloo shaped dog home that comes with a coordinating door and dog pad to provide a complete insulated outdoor dog home for both small and large dogs. The pooch pad is water repellent to provide support for your pup without getting soaking wet in an outdoor setting, even when it rains or snows.Made from durable plastic and high quality wire, the Pet Porter is a great way to transport your dog. The Pet Porter meets airline requirements while keeping your pet safe and comfortable. When you’re at home, the Petmate Dog Igloo is the perfect place for your pet to call their own, protected from the elements. IFA offers a selection of Petmate carriers and kennels that combine value and great features.As far as the leading brand, from our research we found Petmate to be the leading brand of dog igloo houses. They seem to be the most recognized brand and the easiest to find.A Petmate insulated dog igloo. This plastic doghouse is shaped like an igloo, with an arched doorway and a simulated block pattern. The top is taupe, the base is black. The roof is vented. Marked “Petmate” and “Indigo”.Petmate offers three sizes from medium to large igloo dog house. The medium size can accommodate small dogs up to 30 lbs, the large can accommodate up to 50 lbs, and the extra large dog igloo house can accommodate up to 80 lbs. Be sure to measure your doggie before choosing the right size.