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Petmate Fresh Flow Fountain Cleaning Intstructions - Feline Diabetes
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Keep your family member healthy and hydrated with the Petmate Fresh Flow Pet Fountain. This quietly running fountain offers pets a supply of cool, filtered water whenever they want it. UL-approved, quiet, submersible pump sends the water through a carbon filter to remove impurities & improve taste. The removable reservoir automatically releases additional water when needed. A flow control lever lets you set how quickly the stream flows. Built-in ramp reduces splashing & keeps running water quiet for you.
also the 24860 Petmate Deluxe Fresh Flow water dish. Suitable Locations: Indoors. Low voltage 4 speed Jebao water pump. 110V/12V AC UL transformer.
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**Cleaning the Petmate Deluxe Fresh Flow Fountain**The only drawback to this fountain is that it definitely needs to be cleaned, at least once a week, and cleaning is much more involved than simply popping a water bowl into the dishwasher. Each week I unhook the fountain from the power supply using the quick disconnect cable, and I put all of the components except the reservoir (which never contains water), the filter and the pump itself, into the top shelf of our dishwasher. During this time, I place a regular water bowl at the cat's feeding area, in case they want to have a drink while their water fountain's being cleaned. Taking the fountain apart and putting it back together again seems cumbersome at first, but after a couple of cleanings it becomes a simple task and is second nature. Our Saturday kitchen cleaning always includes a good wash of the fountain. Once it's clean we simply reassemble it, fill it with water from a pitcher and plug it back in again for our grateful cats who are pleased to have their cool water toy back again. Keep your pets supplied with fresh water with the Petmate Fresh Flow Replacement Pump 120V without Flow Valve
Photo provided by FlickrHow to Clean the Water Pump for Your Cat/Dog's Petmate Drinking Fountain. If you live with a cat or a dog, you might own a PetMate Drinking Fountain.
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Jebao PP-333LV submersible water pump for Petmate Fresh Flow pet fountains and other applications. Pump is fully functional with transformer and power cord - just plug it to an electrical outlet. Jebao pump comes with two size tube connectors 1/2" and 5/16"(diameter). Use of pliers is recommended when switching them.So my husband ordered a replacement pump through Petmate directly and it arrived today. It is an absolute piece of junk! The cord did not include the ring thingy, so there is a gaping hole at the back of the fountain where water can leak out. Secondly, it is really low quality as far as construction is concerned. With this plug, the electrical plug separates from the cord itself (our old had a secure separation point in the middle of the cord – very handy for cleaning the pump). The connection point on the new one is so weak, it disconnects at the slightest pull. I can see one of our cats bumping the fountain or the cord and the cord would pull apart from the electrical plug.We’ve had two Petmate freshflows since 2003. When I was cleaning the pump last week, I noticed that the protective plastic cover on the cord near the pump had worn or broken away, leaving an exposed wire; not good for a water-submerged cord. This is the second pump where we ended up with an exposed wire; I think it lasted maybe 2.5 years.If you live with a cat or a dog, you might own a PetMate Drinking Fountain. If you notice the water isn't cascading down the front like it's supposed to, try cleaning the water pump before spending the US$20 for a replacement pump.