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Pet owners and veterinary professionals were questioned about pet obesity, diet and nutrition, and sources of pet food advice. When asked to classify their own pet’s weight, 81% of pet owners and 87% of veterinary professionals reported they were a normal and healthy weight. 98% of veterinary clinic staff agreed that pet obesity was a problem in the U.S., compared to about 87% of pet owners. Nearly all pet owners and veterinary professionals (greater than 95%) believed an overweight pet is at increased risk of pain and suffering and that quality nutrition can extend life expectancy.
I tend to agree with earlier comments about trying to compare the actions of our pets and spouses.
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They're finally here! The t-shirts and hoodies you've been waiting for! Proudly support Shelter Our Pets, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping care for pets while their owners are getting back on their feet after fleeing domestic abuse. A worthy cause indeed! All … For 2017, it estimated that $69.36 billion will be spent on our pets in the U.S.
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Photo provided by FlickrAnd even fewer are trying to build devices that could allow us to communicate with our pets and farm animals.
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Our mission at "Your Virginia Pets R My Pets" is to provide a safe, nurturing, worry free, in-home pet sitting service to our customers; while caring for their pets and home while they are away, as if they were our own. When it comes to providing this service to you when you are on vacation, away for the weekend, or through daily dog walking, "Your Virgina Pets R My Pets" is the company to which you can turn. Of course before you adopt your new friend, you must be in this for the remainder of their life. Pets are not just there for when they are young and cute, or when they are healthy and easy to deal with. They are family, and you stick by your family no matter what.Our readers took our poll and told us that 32% of them spend less than $50 a month on their pets. But 22% admitted to spending more than $120 a month.In an article on , clinical psychologist Suzanne B. Phillips of Long Island University explores what our relationships with pets can teach us about our relationship with a spouse or romantic partner.Paradise Pet Resorts is always on the lookout for loving homes for pets. Sometimes they are pets in our care, and sometimes we work with local pet adoption agencies like the Sonoma Humane Society. Talk to us about what pet would be best for you, and we can help you find the right one. Dr. Phillips suggests we can all learn how to improve our human relationships by focusing on how we interact with our pets. Among her suggestions:She argues that we all have much to learn from the way we love our pets. People often describe pets as undemanding and giving unconditional love, when the reality is that pets require a lot of time and attention, special foods and care. They throw up on rugs, pee in the house and steal food from countertops. Yet we accept their flaws because we love them so much.Greetings: Even on bad days, we greet our pets with a happy, animated hello, and usually a pat on the head or a hug. Do you greet your spouse that way?