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There are plenty of shops you can buy pet food, supplies, toys and treats from that do not sell animals, and there are hundreds of rescue homes and good, responsible breeders out there who have animals you can take on. Please consider taking your business to these sources rather than Pets At Home, or any pet shop. It is only via this type of boycotting that we will ever get pet shops to stop selling animals.
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Thanks for the compliments Kevin but I am not sure where you see that I am advocating for not letting a buyer know there are pets living in the home? I would never suggest to anyone that you should not disclose when asked if a pet is living or did live in a home. Pets At Home have a massive influence on what people buy for their pets - they have well trained staff who are able to help in all areas of the business
Photo provided by FlickrGood morning, I was just searching the web too see if anyone else had problems with their bunny after buying from pets at home and came across your site.
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It is clear to me, and to most everyone else in the rat fancy, that the real reason Pets At Home keep their dumbos and top eared seperate, and tell people they cannot be mixed, is because of the huge mark up in price of the dumbos over the top ears. They want people to believe they cannot mix the two so they can convince them they need 2 dumbos, and hence get more money. Anyone who buys a dumbo off them and wants a companion for it is now told they must buy another dumbo rather than a cheaper priced top ear.It seems back-yard breeding is only acceptable to Pets At Home when its them who is doing it. They do not want us going to people breeding litters from their home, but they're a-ok with us buying their mill rodents.The fish died on the way home! Next day I went back to Pets At Home to buy a new goldfish - the sales advisor asked me what tank I had, and when I told him he refused to sell me a goldfish as "that tank is too small"!!Today i took in a very large cross breed rabbit that was coming in because it was biting the child of the household and had got too big. The lady had rung to say she had gone to Pets At Home to get a small rabbit for her handicapped son. She had been given this rabbit as a netherland dwarf, but it had got way to pig and was biting. When they came i was shocked, the rabbit was huge its weight was7 lb. The netherland dwarf shouldnt go over 2 lb in weight. Needless to say it was far to big to be on the little boys lap to be petted. The boy was heartbroken at giving up his beloved rabbit. Is it to much to ask that the staff at least should know their breeds and how big they will get. This boy has lost his pet because the staff dont know what they are doing. Everyone already know they carnt sex rabbits or stop them getting pregnant , is there no end to their incompedence? . Perhaps to make it easy for them they should buy a breed poster to put on their wall so they can see what rabbit is what. Its not rocket science for god sake. If i were that lady i would have reported them to trading standards.I wanted to add my experience of Pets at home, Chingford (NE London) branch. Having been given an unwanted rabbit I felt he needed a companion & was told that you could adopt a rabbit from Pets at Home as I would never buy an animal from a pet shop or breeder. When I phoned the store asking if they had any rabbits to adopt I was told that they had a lot of albino ones ‘in the back’. When I asked where they had come from the salesperson admitted that they not been purchased as babies (presumably because they were not cute enough) & were now up for adoption. Which certainly confirms the views previously expressed that this adoption scheme is just a scam to get rid of their surplus of stock. I don't agree with Pets at home selling pets in store, it promotes impulse buys and it does make you wonder where they get all their rabbits/hamsters (and whatever other animals they sell) from.