PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer, PDT00-11234

How to set up and use the 275m Deluxe Remote Spray Trainer, by PetSafe
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Replacement charger for various PetSafe® Remote Trainer systems with rechargeable batteries. Compatible with Remote Spray Trainer (PDT00-112340), Deluxe Little Dog Remote Trainer (PDT00-10867), and Yard and Park Remote Trainer (PDT00-12470).
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Trash Raiding The easiest way to prevent trash raiding is to remove garbage and tempting food from your pet’s environment. You can use the Remote Spray Trainer to teach your pet to stay away from these items; however, you must be prepared to correct your pet every time he approaches them. 1. Petsafe Remote Spray Dog Training Collar
Photo provided by FlickrOur new Citronella Spray Refill works with all PetSafe Spray products including Bark Control and the Spray Remote Trainer.
Photo provided by FlickrFind Add-A-Pet® collars, contact points, spray refills, and replacement parts, kits, and straps for PetSafe® remote trainers.
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The PetSafe Remote Spray Dog Trainer can effectively teach your dog basic commands, as well as discourage certain behaviors such as chewing, jumping and excessive barking. The system features four levels of harmless lemon-scented spray plus a warning tone-only mode. It works in a range of up to 150 yards and can be used both indoors and outdoors.PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer is completely safe and it does not have any side-effects. However, you have to understand that this is not a training method and that it is to be used only as a temporary way to stop your dog from doing a certain thing. Of course, depending on the age and personality of your dog, he may soon come to understand that unpleasant consequences can follow if he won’t listen to you.PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer is probably the best way to make sure that your dog won’t do something inappropriate while he is not on the leash. In a comfortable, safe and effective way, this device was created with the specific purpose of making even the most stubborn dogs understand that some ways of acting are not always accepted.With 2 levels of spray and tone only features, your dog will quickly learn the association between his behavior and your correction; in no time you’ll have a better behaved pet. At the push of a button, your remote sends a signal activating your dog’s receiver collar up to 250 feet away. The Spray Commander Remote Trainer has been proven safe, comfortable, and effective for pets 8 pounds and up.The Remote Spray Trainer uses lemon mist refillable instead of static correction. It is safe, comfortable and effective for any size pet. The system includes a hand held remote that controls a spray collar worn by your dog. You have four spray levels to choose from, as well as tones to reinforce your training. To use the system, simply spray your dog when he is in the process of unwanted behavior. The spray contains a lemon fragrance that your dog will find unpleasant. After a few sprays in a specific situation, your dog will avoid bad behavior in order to prevent another spray. It sprays in a fine mist, dissipates quickly and will not harm humans or pets. Features Rechargeable NiHM batteries in both the Remote Transmitter and Receiver Collar Spray Trainer has a range of up to 300 yards 4 levels of spray Tone only button Rechargeable, waterproof remote Rechargeable, waterproof collar, adjustable for neck sizes to 28 Includes lemon spray refill PetSafe Lifetime Limited Warranty Includes Remote Spray Transmitter water proof Lanyard Charging Adapter Water proof Receiver Collar adjusts to neck sizes up to 28 Lemon Spray RFA 164 Operating & Training Guide Made in China.PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer, PDT00-11234. How Successful Is Frontline Flea Spray? The introduction of Frontline brought about a complete revolution in fleas and ticks treatment method. This model produced by Merial, shortly became one particular of the top producers of ticks and fleas drugs. PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer, PDT00-11234 Severe Puppy Schooling – Are You Intrigued In An Aggressive K9 Own Trainer? A puppy dog in the dwelling is without having a question a treat for any family members users, still training that canine can be an aggravating and tricky occupation. It will get a lot of time as very well as vitality in your court in buy to aid the puppy feel as if a portion of the relatives. There are a selection of methods for coaching lessons for case in point canine teaching suggestions, K9 education treats or you may possibly log on to the world-wide-web and simply click on analysis puppy dog pet dog teaching. For these who do not get the support you have to have from these, then you may perhaps decide to make use of a dog canine particular coach. Basic Confirmed Tips On Locating A Experienced Canine Coach We all love our pets as they give us quite a few a long time of satisfaction, but an unruly 1 can occasionally be a true handful. Quite a few folks make the miscalculation of not finding their pet the right schooling when they are young. The consequence is something that can be quite difficult to deal with primarily as they age.