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Top Paw  Scented Disposable Dog Diapers at PetSmart. Shop all dog potty training online.
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My husky puppy has complete urinary incontinence and I wouldn’t dream of putting her to sleep. She wears cloth diapers that we get from Petsmart, and we use incontinence pads inside. She doesn’t mind at all, and they work perfectly.
My pup has just about every anatomical abnormality in the book when it comes to her bladder. There’s a very high chance that your dog has one of those issues as well if the Proin didn’t help.
Since you already seem to have 1 foot out the door, I would suggest that you find someone that can give her a loving home with the care and training that she deserves. Please don’t kill her.
The dog diapers at Petsmart are expensive. This website shows you how to use Little swimmers as dog diapers. Which are much cheaper!
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Donna from Springfield, MOOur miniature Dachshund had the same problem. We went to Petsmart (any pet supply store will work) and purchased an actual dog diaper. I think we paid around $5 for it. It's made out of different material so you're able to wash it. I didn't know if you already knew about Petsmart so I thought I would help. Top Paw Fashion Diapers | dog Potty Training | PetSmart
Photo provided by FlickrTop Paw Fashion Diapers at PetSmart. Shop all dog potty training online.
Photo provided by FlickrTop Paw Designer Dog Diaper | dog Potty Training | PetSmart
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Illness and loss of control can take a toll and reduce the dog’s ability to know when it needs a bathroom break. Many dog owners have turned to dog diapers. There are many types of dog diapers in PetSmart to help a pet owner.Petsmart didn't have extra large diapers today, they were out of stock, so I bought large ones but unfortunately I didn't realize these are for dogs UP TO 55 lbs. I tried them on her but just putting them inside of a washable dog diaper cover which I also bought. She didn't mind it at all, but since the diaper was too small, it didn't actually connect around her waist, instead, it just sat inside the diaper cover. Again, she didn't mind this and she actually seemed really happy, as if she knew this would solve her problem.So today I went on a mission. I spent $200 at petsmart getting dog diapers, pee pads, shampoo (both wet and dry) and a brush. She had been really unclean from being outside and she hates baths but today I actually put her in our shower and gave her a really good bath.