PetSTEP II Multi-Purpose Ramp Legs Kit

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The PetSTEP II pet ramp provides easy entry for pets into cars, vans, boats, and even pools! Ramps are excellent for dogs, cats, and other animals. The Pet Step II is ideal for SUV’s as well as vans.
There are other ramps out there, but just look at the benefits of the PetStep II:
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PetStep Folding Dog Ramp – The PetStep II Folding Dog Ramp helps your pet overcome stairs, vehicles, and furniture. Simply unfold the ramp and prop one end against a truck bed, vet table, or top step. Animals can walk up or down at a gentle incline instead of struggling, jumping or being lifted. With its sturdy structure and rubberized surface, this dog ramp helps reduce arthritis and dysplasia pain and cuts down on back strain. "Like" or "Pin" this and use discount code "Pin5" for 5% off. PetStep II Multi-Purpose Ramp Benefits:
Photo provided by FlickrThe PetSTEP II Dog Ramp (Photo courtesy of PetSTEP, Inc.)
Photo provided by FlickrThe PetSTEP II Dog Ramp (Photo courtesy of PetSTEP, Inc.)
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Designed with a patented rubberized surface to eliminate slipping. The PetSTEP II pet ramp will not sink in water due to unique channeling using Nitrogen Gas infusion. Available in Beige or Grey.With its Advanced composite plastic construction holds up to 500 pound capacity, it's sturdy enough for
humans. We stood on the PetStep II dog ramp (one of us weighs 190 pounds), bounced up and down and
saw very little flex.$35.51-$49.95 Swimming Pool Legs allow allow your dog to walk out of the water unassisted using the PetSTEP II multi-purpose ramp system. The PetSTEP II MPR ramp (not included) is designed not to sink in water; therefore, the legs are hollow, allowing them to fill with water (holding the ramp in place). The ramp legs have rubber feet to keep it in place as well as to protect the surface of the po ...The purpose of this guide is to teach you how a portable dog ramp can help your dog easily enter and exit tall vehicles. This guide will also show you how the PetStep II dog ramp can improve your dog's life by easing the pain of joint disease, or by preventing joint disease and back injuries in the first place. This ramp has many different uses, which will help you in many situations as well. Please read on.Designed to be rust-free and to float, the pet ramp measures 70 by 18 inches and comes assembled. A
latching mechanism keeps it closed between uses. The PetStep II Folding Dog Ramp is easy to open and
close plus it's lightweight - weighs only 18.5 pounds. The new non-slip surface is great going up and down.
No slipping and sliding. The rubberized ribbed surface grabs dirt so less inside the vehicle. Soap and water
for easy clean up. The PetStep II Dog Ramp accommodates a vehicle height of up to 37 inches. We like it..
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