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Baby bunnies and baby bunny pictures are courtesy of my best pet rabbit ever, Grace.
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Is your rabbit entertaining? Fun? Or not? I'll bet lots of other pet rabbit owners would love to hear it!

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Baby bunnies and baby bunny pictures are courtesy of my best pet rabbit ever, Grace.
Photo provided by Flickr
The American Rabbit Breeders Association currently recognizes and . Within many of these breeds, there are also several (in some cases numerous), varieties (coat and eye-color variations), that demonstrate the diversity which draws so many into the fascinating and rewarding hobby of rabbit and cavy husbandry. Below are resources that will aid individuals in their decision process when determining which breed or breeds are right for them - whether the focus is on procuring foundation stock for a show or breeding hobby or simply adding a companion animal to the household.

Below are pictures of all currently recognized breeds of and . Each breed is backed by a and it is highly recommended that those interested in one or more breeds contact the secretary of the national specialty club for information regarding breeders who may have breeding, show, or pet stock available. In addition, most national specialty clubs have a website promoting their breed and organization. If a website is available, clicking on that breed's picture below will connect you to the corresponding website for the associated specialty club if a website is available. Please Note: The ARBA does not maintain the websites for the national specialty clubs and is not responsible for the availability of those sites. National specialty clubs should contact the ARBA immediately if there is a change in their club's website address. Specialty clubs without a valid website address will be linked instead to their club's information found on the on this website.

The ARBA also offers the which contains not only detailed descriptions of each recognized rabbit and cavy breed and variety, but also features a glossary of terms, information related to exhibiting and judging, and more. Published every five years, the is the ultimate resource for the rabbit or cavy breeder/exhibitor. 4th of july bunnies | Cute Bunnies - House Rabbit, Pet Rabbit, Pet Bunny Pictures & Video.
Photo provided by FlickrPet Bunny Pictures, and the stories of these pet rabbits as told by their owners.
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This Pet Rabbit in Snow Photo was also submitted by Shay Stenchever and was selected as one of the January-February 2012 Photo Contest Finalists… The Pet Rabbit in Snow photo is another picture of photogenic “Ghost”, a Mini Lop Rabbit sitting in the snow.Don't expect to make a profitable business raising pet rabbits. Only a small minority of those who raise pet rabbits are capable of making a living out of it. Consider it, rather, an enjoyable hobby that can help pay for itself. Raising pet rabbits gets in your blood. Once you've had some good rabbits, you want to keep them around. I found that when I was raising too many and didn't have enough markets, the rabbits were eating me out of house and home. And so I got rid of them -- for a while. I then took up the hobby again because I found it was in my blood to raise pet rabbits. Now I take great pride in producing baby bunnies that will make perfect baby bunny pictures. Soon I'll be even taking moving movie pictures of all my pet rabbits. No kidding, its only baby bunny pictures that make the whole world go round.We'd love to see pictures of rabbits, and while you're at it, why don't you tell us about them?

Are yours pet rabbits? Meat or show rabbits?
What kind of rabbit(s) do you have?
Do you raise any endangered breeds?
Do you participate in rabbit agility or other fun activities with your rabbits?
What kind of rabbit is your pet? Is it a mixed or unknown breed, or a pedigreed rabbit? Is it a big breed or a small one?

Feel free to share with other visitors about your pet rabbit, and your recommendations for a pet rabbit breed. We think it will be a big help to them. (While you're at it, you can even share pictures of your pet bunnies!)