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For informational purposes, I got Lucy (Red-Belly) from PJ's Pet Store at Square One in Mississauga. Got Jessie (Senegal) from PJ's Pet Store at Bramalea City Center in Brampton. I don't really have any complaints about either store. Staff that worked in bird department were quite knowledgeable about birds, were comfortable handling the birds, really seemed to know their personalities, etc. Out of any 'chain' pet store ... PJ's is the only one I would consider buying a bird from. However ... now that I know how much they mark them up, I won't buy another bird from them. I also enjoy going to PJ's because they have a greater variety of birds ... CAG's, Macaw's, Pionus, Amazon's, Cockatoo's and they always have cute little baby's in their nursery. Out of the Poicephalus family, the Senegal and Meyer's are more common in pet stores I find. Lucy is the only Red Belly I've ever seen in a chain pet store.
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Stacy Halliday, the director of marketing for PJ’s Pet Centre, a Canadian chain with 21 stores in the provinces of Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, said selling pocket pets and offering a wide selection of the required products to go with them is a big attraction to her store’s customers. Get info on Pjs Pet Centre. View ratings, photos, and more. Pet Stores - Saugus, MA.01906.
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