Dog in car partitioned by a Heininger PortablePET Pet Partition

2003 Toyota Matrix PortablePET Pet Partition - Dog Barrier for SUVs by Heininger Automotive
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The PortablePET Pet Partition makes traveling with your pets easy, ensuring everyone has their own space. With pets in their place, this pet fence is just what you need to cut down on chaos on your next trip. This adjustable partition is a great way to keep your car organized, allowing you keep luggage and pets in place. It's extremely easy to adjust both vertically and horizontally and makes a good fit for any car. You can adjust the width from 34 to 60 inches and the height from 23 to 45 inches. The cargo partition is made of steel.
Attaches on to the PortablePET Pet Partition for extended coverage.
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Keep your favorite canine in the back while traveling with the PortablePET™ Pet Partition. This handy space barrier prevents pets from climbing over the seat, keeping them in the cargo area at the back of your SUV, minivan, or station wagon. Durable metal barrier also works great with suitcases or other cargo. Barrier system adjusts in width from 39'' to 66'' and in height from 32'' to 42''. Add-on rung gives you the option of adding another barrier to the Pet Partition. Durable all steel construction. Easy to install. Attaches on to the PortablePET Pet Partition for extended coverage.
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The Pet Partition by PortablePET lets you drive while keeping your pet in a safe area of your vehicle. The universal pet barrier is fully adjustable and will expand to fit most vans, station wagons, or SUVs.Best Price:

The Heininger PortablePet pet partition keeps your dog safely in the back seat or cargo area. By blocking off the cargo area from the rest of the vehicle, you can drive safer knowing rover is confined. Installation is simple, as this video demonstrates.

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Make sure to take care of your dog while traveling. We have a great selection of dog seat belts, seat covers, harnesses and travel products: The PortablePET Pet Partition will not damage your carpet or ceiling and is incredibly easy to install. It's also handy for keeping extra large cargo from sliding over the top of your rear seat. Adjusts in width from 34" to 60" and in height from 23" to 45".Love taking your dog with you on the road but hate having your pooch jump all over your lap while you’re driving? The Pet Partition by PortablePET solves this problem by creating a barrier in the back seat which prevents man’s best friend from causing an accident. Pet Partition maintains full visibility out of the back window when in use. The Pet Partition works great with medium to large size dogs and is easy to assemble.

The fully adjustable PortablePET Pet Partition works in almost every SUV, minivan or wagon. The width adjusts from 34" to 60" and the height adjusts from 25" to 54". Cover the areas you need covered with the universal PortablePET Pet Partition which fully adjusts up-and-down and side-to-side, so it fits most vehicles. Setup is quick and easy, you can have the product assembled in just a few short minutes.

Features:The Heininger PortablePET Pet Partition is the safe way for pet owners to share drive time with their furry friends without compromising their attention to the road around them. With it pets are safely, yet comfortably confined to a spot in the back seat of your vehicle. Easy to install and adjustable from 34" to 60" in width and 23" to 45" in height, the PortablePET Pet Partition is nearly universal in application making it perfect for virtually any SUV, minivan or station wagon. More features include: easy installation, compatibility with medium to large sized dogs, also functions as a partition for hauling luggage.Do you have the PortablePET Pet Partition but need to cover more space? You can get additional barrier coverage with the PortablePET Add-On Rung. The pack has 2 rungs that easily attach to the Pet Partition and adjusts horizontally to fit any type of vehicle.