California Professional Pet Groomers Association - CPPGA

A Petco, groomers go through an apprentice program to become a Professional Pet Stylist.
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Professional Pet Groomer Training is a series of three courses totaling 115 hours of training. Students must complete all three courses in order to receive a certificate of completion. Certificates are not awarded for individual courses. Limited enrollment.
Lookin' Fine owner, Laura Butler, is a trained, state-certified groomer and member of New England Pet Grooming Professionals.
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In addition to grooming Professional Pet Spa offers gentle touch and rehabilitation of shy, sensitive dogs, safety equipment for geriatric and disabled dogs, and puppy grooming training, basic grooming lessons and nutrition and care tips. We want the best for your dog. Give us a call to make an appointment today. We would love to truly pamper your pet! A-1 PROFESSIONAL PET GROOMING
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Welcome to Ardy’s for Paws (Professional Pet Grooming And Boarding) located in Dallas, TX offering superior pet grooming services in the far North Dallas area since 1972. Other companies may try to copy our name, but not our expertise!Going on Vacation? Ardy’s for Paws (Professional Pet Grooming And Boarding) offers boarding to regular customers with small pets. Regular grooming customers are just like family! Your pet is cared for in a clean, “air-conditioned,” secure environment cared for exclusively by their tenured staff at very reasonable rates. Prices for grooming always include bath, trimming nails, cleaning ears and checking glands offering both full grooms as well as maintenance trims. Our experienced, knowledgeable and well-trained stylists specialize in small, medium and large dog grooming. We offer senior discounts, discounts for 3 or more pets groomed at the same time and frequent grooming discounts (those coming every week or two). Here are just a few reasons why you should trust Ardy’s For Paws (Professional Pet Grooming And Boarding) for pet grooming in Dallas, TX:Why trust your pet to anyone else? Most groomers only know how to do two or three hairstyles and apply these styles to every pet. If you are able to find decent pet grooming, many grooming shops have very high turn over, and that groomer may not be available on your next visit. The team at Ardy’s for Paws (Professional Pet Grooming And Boarding) in Dallas, TX have been together for over 18 years!!! What’s more, their groomers have been AKC judges, dog show groomers and long time breeders. They strive to stay up to date on current trend and styles.Professional Pet Spa Mobile Pet Grooming is here to deliver Marietta and surrounding areas with top notch, high class dog and cat grooming services. Every animal has a unique personality and disposition. Because of this, every one has different grooming needs. They require a unique groomer with a wide range of experience and a wealth of knowledge. Whether you want to show your pet at an AKC Show or show him to your friends in the back yard you need expert guidance to effectively groom your animal to look and feel their best. If you love your dog and want the best for them you can count on Professional Pet Spa to groom with skill, care, love and compassion.
Tracie is an animal lover, and treats all animals with respect and kindness. With over 20 years experience grooming, handling and training dogs her skill and attention to detail guarantees that your pet could not be in better hands. No where else will you get the quality service and personal attention than at Professional Pet Spa!
Professional Pet Grooming of Archdale has been providing pet grooming services to Archdale since 1997. Owner, Judith Trogdon is a certified dog groomer with over 35 years experience.

We are a full service grooming shop. Our rates are very reasonable. Our goal is to providea clean stress free environment for your pet, and to groom your pet the way you, the owner,would like it to look. A groomer is always available to consult with to ensure your pet has thehair cut that you would like. Please know that there are times, such as extreme matting whenwe may have to take it short, but you will be made of aware of this at the time of your petsarrival. As an additional incentive for joining our team, PetSmart provides the supplies you need in addition to offering Pet Stylists a 35% discount on professional grooming equipment.