Souq Waqif Pet Shops - Doha, Qatar

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We are glad to announce that our new pet shop in Qatar has opened its gates and it is currently accepting visitors! Our shop includes a wide range of pet supplies and services to keep our customers and our lovable animals totally satisfied. You can find everything, from pets to pet accessories and pet care services. All that at the most reasonable prices on the market. Our pet store provides a wide range of dog and cat breeds as well as parrot species. Keep in mind that we partner with the best breeders all over the world or we breed species in our own controlled environment.
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An open-area old designed market located in the heart of the Capital of Qatar where old people were get their needs more than 60 years ago. The first hotel in Qatar is located in the middle of the market (Bismellah) surrounded many small shops (old and new fashion) these shops sell spices, nuts, clothes, shoes, antiques, souvenirs,and pets as well. When you walk enjoying the sun & fresh air whole the day, you will need for sure your camera to take memorable photos for this historical place Souq Waqif Pet Shops - Doha, Qatar
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Photo provided by FlickrSep 12, 2016 - A new pet shop in Qatar is already a fact
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It’s also important that you check whether your landlord, building or compound accepts animals. Many do not and moving from place to place can be difficult with an animal in tow. There are a few pet shops across Qatar, with the Souq Waqif pet section being the most prominent and contentious.I love the Souq, you can always count on it when you want some breakfast or a coffee.

I would definitely recommend going if you are visiting Qatar, it really oozes culture and its a great place to go to take pictures and have some lunch. If you don't like Arabic food then there is an Indian restaurant approximately half way into the Souq and costa coffee near the end and right at the start there's italian pizzas and pastas, so you won't starve.

If you haven't tried shisha before now is your best chance to do it, they have different flavours but usually i'd say try mixed, it seems to be the most popular.

You have to visit the shopping area of the souq its amazing, corridors and passageways of clothes, crafts and spices, pick some things up to take home and get your souveniers here, don't forget to barter, they may try and rip you off because your a tourist.

After you've passed through the passageways go to the zoo pet shop, they sell everything from rabbits to dogs to lizards to talking parrots it really is cool but be aware of animal cruelty as they are not very well taken care of.

On Thursdays and Fridays they have singers and performers so come along and enjoy the entertainment its worth the trip.

Just so you don't forget there are camels at the souq right outside near the carpark so walk and find them. if you are taking a car, the car parking is so cheap so no need to rush.A newly built but resembles an old arabian souq with a selection of Qatari shops offering souvenirs / gifts / as well as a pet shop area. It also has a vast selection of coffee houses and restaurants of all different cultural cuisines.