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To celebrate 10 Years of Webkinz, we are holding a once-in-a-lifetime event starting on Webkinz Day, April 29, 2015. For 10 days only, we will be making 10 each of 10 of our rarest virtual pets available for sale.
be making 10 each of 10 of our rarest virtual pets available for sale
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I think my favorite thing about doing it like that was not having any stress. I didn't have any massive 'omg no you didn't! that's my BMAH Tuskaar Kite! Bid! Bid!' nights like I had before then, nor did I have to search frantically for that one rare pet to try to get to someone's awesome trade offer. It was just a slow steady accumulation of xp for pets and gold for AH deals. Some days I just didn't bother leveling anything or even posting auctions. Sometimes I had no sales for a week, other times I'd come back to 20k in my mailbox. It wasn't fast, but it was predictable, fairly steady over time and I didn't need to learn any special things about different server economies to flip things. All I had to do was keep leveling tradable pets I used in my own tamer fights and keep selling them. YoWorld Forums • View topic - - CLOSED - Rare Pets for Sale & Buying
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