Rats as pets? You must kidding me?

Learn how to prevent disease along with signs and symptoms of common pet rat health problems.
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Ms. Stewart was first introduced to the idea of pet rats eight years ago at a studio party in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where someone told her that a rat named Minky was up for adoption. Ms. Stewart, a native New Yorker who had owned a hedgehog in college, was interested.
Excellent! Rats are great as pets. ;)
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In addition to testicular anomalies, pet/pet rats also showed severely small thymus. Growth retardation with involution of the thymus and spleen occurs in mice null for latent TGFβ binding protein 3. In that model, the thymus defect is considered to be caused by elevated serum corticosterone levels. The small thymus in pet/pet rats likely is due to another mechanism, however, because we found that pet/pet rats have a small thymus at birth, which may be congenitally hypoplastic or due to premature involution. In addition, thymic lymph follicles were present in the capsular and subcapsular regions of the pet/pet thymus. Adult Wistar rats show rare thymic lymph follicles. In humans, thymic follicles occur with some cases of autoimmune disease, such as myasthenia gravis, systemic lupus erythematosus, polymyositis, and nephropathy.,,, On histologic examination, we found a slightly increased cellular infiltration into the interstitial tissue of the kidney and gastrocnemius muscle in pet/pet rats (data not shown). The possibility of secondary autoimmune disease in pet/pet rats will be addressed in future studies. Learn facts and myths about pet rats from veterinarian Anthony Pilny in this Howcast rat video.
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Photo provided by FlickrPet Rats Photographed with Miniature Teddy Bears. I used to have a pet rat, was so cute.
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Rats are especially suited as companions because they’re social animals(unlike hamsters) and love to interact with people. They're very personable andbond to people. Most rats will beg to be petted or to come out and play, andmany will show affection by grooming their people with licks and gentlenibbles. Many rats like to sit on a shoulder just to be with their person. Now, since rats DO have a social structure like people, it is not too far-fetched to consider this scenario. Imagine a young man or lady who is moved away from her parents and siblings just after school age or so. She moves to an apartment or even a mansion with a pet of some sort. She can hug and talk to this pet, but they don't speak the same language. She has plenty to eat and lots of board games and music and other amusements. However, she has no telephone or internet or TV or any way of ever seeing or talking to another human being for the rest of her life. Can a person live like this? Maybe a few very rare ones fit the hermit lifestyle. Should a rat live like this?Another annoyance is their habit of urine marking. They will often leavetiny drops of urine where they walk to mark their territory. Males urine markmore than females, but fortunately neutering almost always eliminates thisbehavior in males. The spots of urine are easily wiped up from hard surfacesbut they can stain fabrics. A washable throw cover can protect furniture, butif rats are allowed to run on carpets, periodic carpet cleaning may benecessary. Rats are one of the smartest of over 1700 rodents and have been kept as pets for hundreds of years. They have long bodies, long tails with little or no hair, long pointed noses and are larger than mice. They have poor eyesight but have excellent hearing and a strong sense of smell. People have a lot of reasons for deciding they want a single pet. I have heard most of them, and nearly all of them are not good enough for depriving a rat of probably the most important thing in its life.Make sure that you live in a place where pet rats are allowed. Many a rat has ended up homeless because the landlord, parent, or spouse threatened its owner with an eviction notice.