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I've had rats, myself. One of my most beloved pets was a hairless rat, named DaVinci.
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Do they understand you are serious about this? You never got a gecko… Maybe because you didn’t try hard enough? If you are serious about rats, you should start reading about them. You said you want a rat. No you don’t! You want at least two rats. You cannot have one. That would make the rat very lonely. And we want to see our rats happy! Can you afford a large cage? (Ferplast Jenny is good, can also be found secondhand) Do you have room for it? Will you clean it? Can you afford the stuff rats need? What are you putting in the cage, what will you feed them? Who’s paying the vet? Make a list of my questions, add responsible answers and give it to your parents. That might help! And don’t buy rats in a petshop, go find a decent rattery…
An Australian court has banned a man from owning pets for three years after he bit the head off a rat and posted the footage to Facebook.
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For many people, rats are great pets: small, social, friendly and intelligent. But they're not for everyone. Ask yourself these eight important questions before getting a pet rat. Fell said Petco didn't tell customers that it was willing to test rats for the disease before they were sold as pets.
Photo provided by FlickrPlease ensure that if you have other pets, you have the space to keep the rats seperate from them if needs be. See this article for advice on .
Photo provided by FlickrRats are cuddly, friendly and intelligent pets. They are reasonably easy to keep healthy, making then an ideal pet for young families.
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Another annoyance is their habit of urine marking. They will often leavetiny drops of urine where they walk to mark their territory. Males urine markmore than females, but fortunately neutering almost always eliminates thisbehavior in males. The spots of urine are easily wiped up from hard surfacesbut they can stain fabrics. A washable throw cover can protect furniture, butif rats are allowed to run on carpets, periodic carpet cleaning may benecessary. Another thing that puts rats way above most other small furry pets is the fact that they are robust. Hamsters are delicate, not to mention clumsy, and are easily dropped or injured due to their small size and delicate bones.If you already have rats please make sure that you , even if they appear healthy, at a separate location for a minimum of 2-3 weeks to ensure that your resident rats don’t pick up any illnesses. The rat that you choose is going to be your companion for several years, so take the time to handle and interact with the choices before you decide. Some rats are more active than others so try to find one with the qualities that you are looking for. You will want to avoid a rat that is skittish or squeaks whenever touched. Also avoid taking a rat that shows any signs of aggression. If you choose a rat that is skittish or aggressive you will need to consider that extra time must be spent to tame the rat. But a rat that begins its life with you already tamed will be much easier to deal with. Males are usually larger than females. They tend to be calmer, especially with age, and although some can still be rather active it is safe to say that they make better “lap” pets. A small percentage of males, as they mature, will urine mark or show signs of other hormonal behaviors. Though neutering them will sometimes eliminate some of this type of behavior, there still remains some controversy with this. Males obtained young will generally get along well with each other.Rats have been kept as pets since as far back as the early 1900s and remain a popular choice of pet to the present day, so why are rats as pets so popular? As an experienced rat owner, I can assure you there are countless reasons why rats make brilliant pets.If you are taking on rats as a child's pet, please choose the rat carefully. Rats all have different personalities, and some are more suited to being children's pets than others.Rats are great pets for children, they’re not only affectionate and cuddly, but they’re much more hardy than other rodents. They are thicker built than other rodents such as hamsters and therefore can better withstand a more clumsy handling from younger owners