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Good questions! Here is what you should know about pet deposits, fees, and rent.
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It is an interesting choice; Rudy is male and can't talk. He is Jared's hamster. Jared and Rudy, however, have not moved in together yet. This is because the parents Wasserman like having their home pet-free.
Tenants will subconsciously choose to pay a higher rent, rather than pay a “pet fee”.
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So, don't leave them behind! Your furry family members are more than welcome at at Resort Realty! Resort offers numerous Outer Banks pet friendly rentals and we would love for you to bring your VIP (Very Important Pet) along to visit! From our pet friendly amenities and the pet friendly environment of the Outer Banks, Resort Realty is the perfect choice for a tail-wagging OBX getaway! Corolla to Hatteras Island, you will find the perfect OBX vacation home for the entire family. Just a few minutes' walk from Yoyogi Park, one of Tokyo's main green lungs, Dog Heart is part petting zoo and part rental shop.
Photo provided by FlickrThese helpful guidelines and tips will help pet-owning renters find the best pet-friendly places to live.
Photo provided by FlickrIf you nickel-and-dime your tenants with pet fees, they will simply go somewhere else – even if the rent is more expensive.
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Are you the kind of person who is far too busy to have a pet but occasionally breaks down when you see that bulldog lovingly licking his owner's face? Well, there's apparently a firm that will rent you a pet. And not surprising, West Hollywood is having none of it. Ryan Gierach hit the :BYOD
Although it seems a bit crude to compare rental dogs with rental cars, the concepts are similar at least in the sense that someone else is responsible for major care and maintenance. I’d never expect to rent a car for a weekend and then be asked to take it in for an oil change or a tune-up; and when borrowing or renting a dog, you don’t worry about grooming, bathing, or veterinary care. But these factors are rarely the major attraction to potential renters. Some people like having a dog with them as a way of breaking the ice when meeting other humans (a role dogs perform nearly as well as babies). In other cases, it’s simply a matter of wanting company, a hiking companion, or a playmate. Either way, the availability of loaner dogs is increasingly becoming a competitive advantage for hotels in areas where guests like to spend a lot of time outdoors.WeHo’s City Council, ever the protector of pets, banned the burgeoning business of pet rentals at its last council meeting. A firm called began renting out dogs to travelers in New York recently and has expanded into the Los Angeles area. WeHo Mayor Jeff Prang called the business “horrific” and wished to bring attention to it by making the ban before a location is set up in this travel-oriented city.Increasingly, animal shelters and pet stores are using dog rental as a way of encouraging adoptions: people borrow pets for a few days, become attached to them, and decide to keep them. Conversely, many people who rent dogs do so in order to make sure the animals will fit into their households and lifestyles before making a permanent commitment. If you’ve lived with a dog for a week and find that it doesn’t get along with your other pets, bothers the neighbors with its barking, or causes a severe allergic reaction, it’s nice to know that you can return the dog with no leash attached, so to speak.When it comes to renting a property with a pet, though, things may get complicated. Many people can’t find a pet-friendly apartment quickly. When a landlord finds out you’d like to move in with your four-legged friend, it can turn out you’ve been barking up the wrong tree and haven’t got a dog’s chance of getting that home! Why is it so hard sometimes to rent a dog-friendly house? Choosing a cat-friendly apartment can be a challenge, too. Let us see the overall situation with pet rentals across the country. offers flexible pet rental programs in several cities (with plans to expand to numerous other locations in the United States and half a dozen other countries).