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Nov 15, 2016 - Reptiles can be wonderful pets but not all species are good for beginners
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There are many species of geckos, and several are kept as pets. The most popular is likely the leopard gecko, which is a good starter reptile and is also popular with experienced owners. They are docile, relatively easy to tame and also relatively easy to care for. However, several other species of gecko, such as the crested gecko, are becoming quite popular and are also suitable for beginners.
But let's answer the question I posed at the beginning of this section. Do reptiles make good pets for children?
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Are your children begging you for a pet, but you're low on:A) time?B) energy?C) space?D) all of the above?Then, we have the perfect solution for you! Have you ever thought about owning a reptile? They make terrific additions to busy families because they don't require a lot of time, energy or space. REPTILES ARE EXTREMELY LOW-MAINTENANCEPet reptiles don't have to be taken on walks or let outside to go to the bathroom. Some don't even need to be fed every day! Reptiles also don't have hair or fur, so no need for grooming visits or daily brushing. Without hair or fur, reptiles make great pets for children with allergies. Dogs and cats shed dander, which is composed of tiny, even microscopic, flecks of skin with their fur. These bits of skin can cause reactions in people who are specifically allergic to these triggers. No dander? No problem. REPTILES DON'T REQUIRE A LOT OF SPACEForget the fenced-in yard or walks to the dog park. Reptile pets live in habitats, so they don't require a lot of space. Reptile species that are suitable for children remain a manageable size. Most will do fine in a 20-gallon terrarium or enclosure of similar dimensions: approximately 3 feet long and 1½ feet wide. Some, such as a single crested or leopard gecko, or a kingsnake, could even be kept in a 10-gallon terrarium. HUSHABYE BABYNo barking, yowling, or mewing here! Reptiles don’t make as much noise as other pets. It’s true that some geckos may emit slight barking noises, and frogs (part of the amphibian family) can make a variety of sounds. But for the most part, reptiles are a quiet bunch. They aren’t likely to disturb housemates or neighbors.Looking for a great list of beginner reptiles? . Please remember when picking out a reptile for your family that feeding and water requirements are very important, as well as proper heating and lighting. For all your questions and more, visit our Reptiles Section at Pets Plus. We have the supplies you need and information on lizards (anoles, bearded dragons, geckos, iguanas, monitors and more), snakes, and turtles and tortoises. We can also help with amphibians like frogs, salamanders and newts. The best reptile pets for beginners - Monsters and Critics
Photo provided by FlickrOct 24, 2016 - The best reptile pets for beginners that are easy to look after and keep alive
Photo provided by FlickrCrested geckos are ideal reptile pets for beginners, with simple, easy- to-meet requirements
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Yes, snakes. Since this is the Green Iguana Society web site, you were probably thinking more about lizards, but in many respects, certain types of snakes can make better pets for kids and beginning herp enthusiasts. Generally, snakes require less room than lizards and other types of reptiles. They don't require quite so much care - fresh water several times a week, a feeding and bedding change once a week, constant monitoring of temperatures and humidity in their environments, and that's about it. Before anyone interprets that as "snakes are easy-care pets", they're not. No animal is truly easy care. All have their own specific needs and possible problems that owners must be educated about and ready to deal with. But, compared to lizards and turtles/tortoises, snakes tend to be easier - especially for kids. Some snakes, like those discussed below, tolerate handling well and are docile and even-tempered. One thing to note about snakes - they're great escape artists. If you plan to get a snake, be sure to get an enclosure with a locking lid. Enclosures designed especially for snakes, with sliding top or side doors, such as those sold by , are best. Snakes can squeeze through tiny openings, and a top that isn't on right or isn't quite latched tightly enough is all they need to escape.Green iguanas are by far the most common reptile pet on the market. This is unfortunate as this species is not suitable for the beginner for several reasons. Iguanas are large lizards, adults can easily exceed 5 feet. Iguanas require very large enclosures to fare well, and most homes cannot provide for this necessity. There is no aquarium on the commercial market that is large enough to house an adult iguana. Although some iguanas can become tame, many never do, and some animals may even be aggressive, especially males. Iguanas have specific dietary and environmental requirements in captivity that cannot be met by children of any age, so they do not make good children's pets. This species is one of the cheapest on the market today, do not let this fool you, iguanas are difficult, demanding, and expensive captives.