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We took our poodle into the Banfield hospital at the PetSmart in Shenendoah, TX right in The Woodlands, TX. We took him in for his annual checkup and they said we need to bring him back on Wednesday to check on his coughing. Wednesday we took him in and they took some x-rays of his chest to check for heart problems or perhaps trachea problems. They called us at 1:00PM to tell us the x-rays were showing he has a mild case of congestive heart failure and sent the x-rays to a specialist for review. They said he would probably need medication once the diagnosis was confirmed, but that he was okay. 2 hours later, they called and said our dog died while they were at lunch. When they came back, our pet (our family member) died in a cage with no one there with him.
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I have had 2 dogs enrolled with them since they were both 8 weeks old. Somehow Banfield allowed one of my dog's rabies shot to expire and not the other one. The dogs got out of the yard for the first time ever. While being chased by several people and cornered, the dog was scared and bit someone (very minor no stitches required). The dog got taken to the pound and quarantined for 10 days at the expense of $20 a day because of an expired rabies shot which Banfield does the scheduling for. They will not back their own mistake and claim it to be our fault for their error. I would not recommend this shoddy at best animal hospital to anyone who loves their pet. I have read no good reviews about them and will never take a pet to them again. They only care about billing you and not your pet. Don't be fooled like I was. We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
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I adopted a cat in July 2014. The care that she received at Banfield Pet Hospital was lousy and it angers me. I am so dissatisfied with the care that she received that I am leaving this review to help others avoid going to Banfield. You're far better off taking your pet to a local Vet that has more experience. I wish I had done this sooner. In Feb 2015 I did just that and my cat tested positive for round worm. For 7 months my cat had round worm because Banfield NEVER asked for a stool sample. As many times as I took her there which was a lot... they never asked for a stool sample to test. Seems like all they cared about was making money off me and my cat.** then suggested that I go to another hospital, or, to put it more clearly, rather than discipline, or even fire, an incompetent employee, she would rather fire a client. I was clear that I went to that locations for the two doctors, period. The absurdity of her management style is beyond comprehension. There is a reason Banfield has 177 reviews and only 1 star. It is a top down problem!I recently went to Banfield Pet Hospital in Boulder and requested to have a copy printed. The Optimum Wellness Plan contract covers 3 pages and is cumbersome to review even when you have a physical printed copy. The cancellation terms say the customer can cancel at any time but is responsible for paying the difference between the cost of services rendered and the total of monthly payments made so far. It also says, even if the covered pet dies or is lost, Banfield reserves the right to keep any payments made even if no services were rendered in that year. Although this is documented in the contract, it is NOT mentioned in the cancellation terms listed in the FAQ section of the Banfield website.I have no beef with Banfield and their services. The problem I am having seems to be the same problem I see in many of the reviews regarding Banfield. The auto-renewal and automatic payment plan. We recently purchased a new home and moved away from the area where we were receiving the services from Banfield. We now live a long way away from any Banfield hospital. We haven't used any of their services in months and no longer will be using them for our pet care. Of course they take advantage of the auto-renewal and re-up us for another year. No call, no email, no contact to re authorize debits to our account.