Product - Zep Commercial Extractor Carpet Shampoo, 1 gal

The rotary shampoo carpet cleaning method is the oldest method currently used for carpet cleaning
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The Foam Solvent Carpet Shampoo is perfect for dry foam and rotary shampooing of carpets. Safe for use on all fibers, yet tough enough to perform deep-down restorative cleaning.
Plus, every Avalir system comes complete with the portable carpet shampooer attachment which can be used for cleaning stairs.
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I don’t own a kirby, so I shampooed the carpet on my hands and knees using a bucket, an old towel, cleaning gloves and your recipe (btw I love you now! Lol). I used to work for kirby, so I know how the process works. I did two rooms in sections by spreading an even layer of foam, let it sit a minute, then used the old towel to rub it in. Washed the towel in the same shampoo water for the consequent sections. When I finished I just vacuumed the carpet. On the other hand, not a cup of water was used, but the shampoo water was dark green (gross). Those of you who don’t have a kirby, just whirl your gloved hands in the shampoo bucket and you generate insta foam! Shampoo cleaning enjoyed many years as the method of choice for carpet cleaning
Photo provided by FlickrI will pay $175 for shampoo cleaning of my carpet , 5 rooms and stair.
Photo provided by FlickrWith heavy-duty, deep-cleaning formula, this ZEP Carpet Extractor Shampoo cleans carpets and upholstery easily. Convenient to use.
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What are the top rated carpet cleaning machines for pet owners? Specifically, what are the best models for pet stains, which many carpet shampooers don’t do a good job with? Let’s look at some of the best units for 2017 that can handle pet stains like pet urine without redistributing the mess and driving it deeper into the carpet when you try to remove it.It is as easy to use as a vacuum, but its performance as only a vacuum cleaner is middling. Due to the average suction, the carpets take a long time to dry after cleaning the floor with it, and there is no clean water (without shampoo) rinse option, so you may need to make a separate pass with the water tank lacking shampoo if there is soap residue to be removed from the carpets.While I won't say everything in my personal shampoo recipe, combining 1 gallon white vinegar, 1 large bottle of lemon juice, and 1 pint of witch hazel will make a super effective carpet cleaner that is safe for use in commercial or home shampooers. Also, sprinkling baking soda on the carpet before shampooing will remove the worst odors and boost the above mixture's cleaning properties. Below is a before and after photo. It has very strong suction, so it is a great choice for those who want carpets that are dry within an hour of cleaning them. And its suction is so good it gets pet urine stains out on the first pass, though poop stains and vomit may take multiple passes. This is one of the best carpet shampooers for those who don’t want to have to wait hours to walk through a room or worry about the safety of a baby crawling around where you just had to clean.When my husband knocked over a paint can on the carpet and got paint on it, I did what my former landlord did. When someone would move out of his rentals, he would put like one part Purple Power to 3 parts water in his shampooer to clean his carpets and it works great! We got out all the paint and can't even see where it spilled. I used the shampoo cup to measure it and what I did was put one cup of Purple Power and just finished filling the tank with water.Liquid laundry detergents can be used in place of carpet shampoo. It's always a good idea to test a small area in a place that's hidden just to be sure there won't be any problems. Once that's done successfully, though, any brand of laundry detergent should work in a steam cleaner. Mix it in a smaller ratio of water to soap than would be used for the Bissell shampoo. Try a tablespoon or two first to make sure no residue is left.