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Custom engraved pet tags in premium sterling silver, titanium, stainless steel and brass
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► A direct synthesis method of silver conductive film on PET substrate was presented. ► A stable particle-free conductive ink was prepared. ► Formation of silver-amine complex reduced the thermal decomposition temperature. ► Conductive patterns for flexible electronics were fabricated by inkjet printing. ► Silver film on PET substrate possessed highest adhesion rating even without polymer.
Floral Pet Memory Locket Silver or Gold Paw
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In the past, different strategies have already been proposed and investigated for the incorporation of silver nanoparticles on a fabric. Deposition of a metallic silver film on PET fabrics has been studied using magnetron sputtering and an ion-beam-assisted deposition process.,, Methods of dipping-pad-drying for the silver finishing of non-woven fabrics using colloidal silver have also been applied., Some of the above mentioned methods are however based on reactions in liquid medium and require surfactants, reducing agents or templates for the synthesis of the silver nanoparticles, resulting in the inevitable presence of impurities in the final products. Moreover, due to the poor adhesion between the organic fabrics and the inorganic particles caused by their difference in surface energy, surface modification of fabrics or nanoparticles is important or even essential when incorporating nanoparticles. In addition, weakly bonded AgNPs will affect antibacterial efficiency and even cause potential cytotoxicity. The method of film deposition on non-woven fabrics with immobilized silver nanoparticles is of great interest but has not been tested before. Plasma polymerization is a very promising deposition technique because of the environmental safeness, sustainability and high deposition rate coupled with good film adhesion to different substrates. Moreover, materials with various structures, flat or complex 3D objects, can be used as a substrate. Oval Pet Memory Locket Silver or Gold Paw
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Our approach to difficult medical and surgical problems and our ability to treat and resolve these problems separates us from the competition. Silver Creek Animal Clinic is pleased to offer veterinarian and veterinarian technicians that are among the top in their field with regards to training, experience and certification. Silver Creek Animal Clinic also receives support from a board certified orthopedic surgeon and neurologist along with UT state’s best ultrasonography group.Hi! Thanks for visiting our website. My name is Maija Pykett and I am the founder of Silver Pet Prints. I hope you love Silver Pet Prints as much as we do.

I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t have a pet. From cats and goats, to numerous hamsters – like so many people, my life is not complete without a pet!!

Now I have sons of my own who also enjoy the company of animals. They each have a guinea pig, Amber and Cherry, and we have two cats called Monkey and Tom. We have also opened our home to a variety of other animals from snails and stick insects to beetles and newts! My youngest, Noah would like a lizard – it’s not going to happen!

At Silver Pet Prints we make individual pieces of jewellery that showcase your pet’s unique paw print on the front and their name on the back.

Pets hold a very special place in people’s hearts and their home and as such each Silver Pet Print we make holds enormous sentimental value to their owner.

I love the idea that when I am away from home my cats are always with me as I wear a pendant with their paw prints on around my neck.

I do hope you enjoy browsing through our website and looking at the items we can make for you.We care about your furry family members and we are dedicated to providing the absolute best care that will keep your companion as a healthy part of your family and our family for years to come! At Silver Creek Animal Clinic, we treat your pets like the valued family members they are.Would you like to offer a Silver Pet Prints service to your bereaved customers? We have spoken to so many pet owners who said they wished they had known about Silver Pet Prints when their pet passed away.

If you would like to find out more about offering this service to your customers and be able to take prints for them, please fill in your details below and we will be in touch.