2006 Skunks as Pets show tampa, fl Part 1

A state lawmaker has proposed making it legal to keep skunks as pets in Tennessee.
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A recent looked at skunks as a problem pest in the suburban garden, but let's look at skunks from another viewpoint, as pets. It's not a new idea; skunks were kept as pets by Native Americans and later by the Pilgrims. The skunks that were kept by Indians were animals with a job: they helped to keep the village free of snakes and rodents.
It is currently legal to keep skunks as pets in Britain without a license.
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Faison said the bill was requested by constituents. Initially, "I thought it was a joke," he said. But on looking into the matter, Faison said that skunks can be sold as pets for up to $1,000 each and there could be "tons of revenue" for those eager to engage in skunk marketing. It's illegal to have skunks as pets in .
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Photo provided by FlickrFaison said skunks kept as pets normally have their scent glands removed at an early age.
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While Skunks As Pets deals with Domestic/Pen-raised skunks, we are frequentlycontacted by people with wild skunk problems. Here is some information thatshould be beneficial if you're bothered by unwanted, wild "visitors".

Make the area as inhospitable to skunks as possible. Remove all animal foods,such as dog and cat food or farm animal feed. Move and elevate the garbage cansas much as is feasible. A garbage can is to a skunk, what a refrigerator is tous!
2. Do they make good pets? Though skunks are not for everyone(as well as cats, dogs, birds or children!) for those people with patience,understanding and a sense of humor, they are wonderful, funny, affectionate andcuddly pets.Many people who are curious or are looking for an exotic pet think that skunks may be the pet to choose. Skunks can be friendly, cuddly, trouble free pets; they can also be exasperating, costly, terrors.As mammals, skunks can contract the rabies virus, but not all skunks are carriers. Many people fear skunks because they assume they are all rabid. In fact, only 17 states allow skunks to be kept as pets. Typically, skunks are prohibited as pets because there is not an approved vaccine to prevent rabies in skunks. Unfortunately, there is not an approved quarantine period for skunks as there is for dogs. If a skunk bites a human, it usually is killed so the brain tissue can be checked for the presence of rabies. However, the chances of a pet skunk being rabid are very minute. Pet skunks are what an owner makes of them. Usually a skunk is settled into habits and has developed its own specific personality by the time it is 9 to 10 months old. Very well cared for skunks will be much more tolerant of owners, other pets, and strangers as well.Kits are full of energy and want to run and play all of the time. Train your skunk early to be up during the daytime and sleep at night. Youngsters can play very rough with other skunks their age or older, and with other pets and you as well; train your skunk that biting is not something you will tolerate.