Sleepypod Air Adjustable Pet Carrier

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Overall, our Sleepypod Air proved to be a stylish, well-constructed carrier providing comfortable travel for both people and pets. We are very impressed with the quality workmanship that goes into Sleepypod’s carrier products.
Sleepypod® Air Pet Carrier fits easily under plane seats.
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Sleepypod Air is extremely well made of highly durable materials. The front, top and back are covered in a very durable mesh webbing so pets can see their surroundings – and an option black interior curtain can be slid over the back, top or front if your pet doesn’t want to see their surroundings. An interior clip allows your cat or dog to be leashed while the carrier is open, and two snaps, one on the window and one inside allow us to fold the window open so Fido can see his surroundings! On the outside, a generously sized pocket on each side provides ample storage for any treats, foldable bowls or toys that you wish to carry on. Another great feature of the Sleepypod Air is its zippers; the zippers zip together and create space to accommodate a luggage lock for added security for our pets. Fancy - Sleepypod Air In-Cabin Pet Carrier
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Before seeing Sleepypod's Airline Pet Carrier, the company first caught my attention years ago with the original Sleepypod carrier. You will find my Sleepypod reviews . The company has since continued to grow and develop more innovative products, including an airline pet carrier. Just recently, I had the opportunity to view the Sleepypod Air for the first time.I personally have not flown with any of my cats since receiving my Sleepypod Air, but can certainly speak to the great quality and features of this innovative cat carrier. (And to the comfort as evidenced by my cats once again competing to see who gets to sleep in it at home!)The Sleepypod Air is designed specifically for airline pet travel. It’s not the only pet carrier designed for air travel, but this airline pet carrier redefines all of the parameters set forth by previous airline pet carriers. The Sleepypod Air is the first of its kind, designed to allow your pet the most comfortable air travel experience while adapting to the various requirements from virtually every airline!The Sleepypod Air stores flat in any room in your home, a convenient feature considering that most people aren’t flying with their pets that frequently. This allows you to store the Air easily when not in use OR you can leave it out, as I do, allowing your pets to use it as yet another great Sleepypod bed. And, of course, it can be used as a general cat carrier for any kind of pet travel, whether you are flying or not!The ends of the Sleepypod Air are designed to fold up to fit the pets carriers lengthwise in a 16-inch or 19-inch space. Once the end or ends have been folded up, they will remain in a flexed position with the seat frame serving as a barrier.For anxious felines, however, Sleepypod has included in their airline pet carrier a moveable privacy panel that can be inserted and repositioned to provide privacy and a sense of security for your shy kitty. The panel can cover the top of the carrier or one end of this airline pet carrier during the flight, reducing your cat’s exposure to light and other stimulating factors, such as the person seated next to you!