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8. Iridescent Shark (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) & Paroon Shark (Pangasius sanitwongsei) – Both of these Monster Catfish are regularly for sale at big box and smaller pet stores (The Paroon is not seen as often anymore), which is ridiculous because neither belongs in an Aquarium. They both come from rivers in Asia such as the Mekong where they can grow into true giants. The Iridescent can reach 4′ and nearly 100lbs, where as the larger Paroon can reach 8′ long and 600lbs! They are both very active swimmers and require plenty of room to roam, so unless you have an Olympic sized swimming pool to spare don’t bother with either of these monsters.
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Despite the fact that you can purchase a large variety of different types of sharks, it doesn’t mean you should. Not all species are good for aquarium life, so you need to discover what ones need to stay in the sea, and what ones will be comfortable and adapt to their new home. When choosing the right type of shark for your home, you want to stick with the smaller species rather than the larger ones. When browsing, you might see a baby hammerhead or a blacktip reef shark for sale, but these should be avoided. Large sharks can grow up to 2 feet (60 cm) each year and you will end up needing to get a bigger aquarium to house them. Plus, large sharks might not have the best temperament in captivity. And though the , known for his mild temperament, can be found in larger public aquariums, it’s still not the best option for your home as they can grow as long as 15 feet (4.5 meters)! As with any pet you choose, safety for you and your family should be the first priority. Plus, with a lifespan of 25 to 35 years, you’ll need to know that you can care for your pet no matter what happens in the future. Red Tailed Shark | live pet Live Fish | PetSmart
Photo provided by FlickrRed-tailed sharks are very territorial with all types of fish
Photo provided by FlickrThey really are the misunderstood creatures of the briny seas
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