Have you tried keeping small monitor lizards as reptile pets

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A chemistry panel is recommended yearly to detect underlying diseases or health problems not detectable by physical exam. This test ensures that your exotic pet has normal kidney and liver functions as well as healthy electrolyte levels.

This test uses a very small volume of blood to assess the function of the organs. It tests for such things including liver function, kidney muscle damage, proteins in the blood, albumin and several different electrolytes, including calcium levels. Chemistry panels can help pinpoint problems non-invasively.

The health and safety of you and your pet is our number one priority here at All Pets Medical Center. Schedule an appointment for your reptile or amphibian today.
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Beginning with a storefront of about 1,200 square feet, the store focused mainly on aquatics, including freshwater fish, and birds. In 2001, another 800 square feet was added to the shop, to accommodate growing interest of the many pet owners in the area. Over the years, business boomed and the product lines have expanded to include supplies and products for reptiles, spiders, rabbits, ferrets, and cats, and dogs. Finally, in 2012, we were able to expand another 1,200 square feet of floor space, taking over the entire building located on Willow Avenue next to Tractor Supply. With this latest expansion, we are now able to carry more of everything you need and love for all your pets.

Our goal is to provide a quality pet store and supply the needs of the people that we have grown to know while working in the pet supply industry. Honesdale is a small town with small town needs, such as quality customer service and individual attention to the education and care of the customer's newfound friends. As the area of Honesdale has grown, so has Fins and Feathers Inc. Names for Pet Reptiles - Small Pets - LoveToKnow
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Reptiles also shouldn't be handled by small children or by anyone whose immune system doesn't work well, the agency cautioned. In addition, the animals should not be kept as pets in preschools and day-care centers.Ask to talk to one of our reptile specialists! Reptiles, as a group, have very specific requirements to successfully live in captivity. All of our reptiles are captive bred (never taken from the wild), but they are still fragile if not provided with the proper care and nutrition. Please do not buy one of these pets until you carefully consider it’s needs and the expense of it’s future requirements. Some of these creatures do stay small, but others are just babies and if well cared for will live to outgrow several cages or containment centers, will need food (sometimes, live mammals) that will get larger as it grows, and have very sensitive heat and light requirements.These monitor lizards are not definitely pets for beginners. These reptiles require experienced keepers having special attributes required for handling large lizards. Many claim that these lizards are aggressive. If you handle them properly, these intelligent creatures make excellent pets. On an average, they grow to around 5 feet in length. Some even grow up to 8 feet. They need an enclosure of at least twice their body length. Keep the enclosure at least 8 feet high since they love climbing. For swimming, they need water bodies, large enough to accommodate them. Some owners of Nile monitors even allocate small bedrooms for their pets. These lizards are carnivores and they need a lot of small creatures in their diet.Blue tongue skinks are known by reptile enthusiasts as “blueys” due to their thick, flat, blue tongues. They are also visually appealing as pets because they are stocky with very small limbs. They resemble lizard sausages and we find this to be a very endearing trait.