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I use this food daily for the dogs but I add Quality beef to it from hearst ranch which is expensive. Solid gold’s bag used to say it was formulated so you can add another protein of your choice to it. I want to know where the meat is from when feeding my dogs. I don’t trust any meat source in human food let alone pet food. They’re also vegetarian 3 days a week they love avoderm, pet guard and natural balance canned food I use to feed calif natural but they prefer the vegetarian canned.
Solid Gold pet food
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Solid Gold’s products are sold locally at Petco, and independent pet retailers including Treats Unleashed. The company markets itself as the country’s “first holistic pet food,” and some products are grain-free and gluten free. Founded in 1974, Solid Gold moved its headquarters from San Diego to Greenville, S.C., in 2014. Solid Gold advocates a high quality of life for your pet, and the pet food is sold worldwide. It is manufactured by Diamond Pet Company.
Photo provided by FlickrAs America’s first holistic pet food brand, Solid Gold led the charge in creating premium nutrition for dogs and cats.
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The founder of Solid Gold Pet, Sissy Harrington-McGill, raised . In the early 1970s she traveled to to acquire championship bloodline , and while there learned that great danes bred and kept in that country were living significantly longer than those being bred and kept in the . She surmised that the reason for their longevity was the German practice of using more naturalistic dog foods. Upon returning home, she immediately began to research . She decided her dogs deserved a nutritious, natural food that would keep them happy and healthy. In 1974, Sissy developed her first formula out of natural ingredients, named and began marketing it. She believed everyone’s pets deserved the best and built a strong following of pets and their owners, sample by sample.We know the role diet plays in making your pets lives more fulfilling, and each ingredient in Solid Gold is carefully chosen for the health benefits it offers. Solid Gold also created the revolutionary hermetically sealed one way valve, and 4 ply foil barrier package to preserve the quality of our dry pet foods.Now, over 40 years later, Solid Gold Pet specializes in the development of dry and wet dog and cat foods which contain no or , and are made of Choice such as bison, lamb and chicken, and like whole grain brown , , and , instead of , , or like most other manufacturers. The company also has dog treats and supplements for both cats and dogs.“After celebrating more than 40 years as the leading premium, holistic pet food company, we are thrilled to start the next chapter of Solid Gold Pet in St. Louis,” Solid Gold Pet CEO and President Bob Rubin said. “Our supply chain and manufacturing facilities are also located in the Midwest. Housing our corporate offices in St. Louis will allow Solid Gold Pet to centralize our support for our customers and vendors, which means increased efficiency and productivity.”