Pets Talk Talking Dog Collar 2:00 DRTV Commercial.

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31) Dug From Disney’s UP: Turn any dog into Dug with this Talking Dog Collar!! This unbelievable DIY is enough to make you and your pet the star regardless of where you go!
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This is a Bluetooth enabled speaker on a paranoid bracelet. This was under $20.00 to put together. I found a free Android app called (Talk). Just open the app and type what you want it to say then hit play to test it then save the file where you want. Turn on Bluetooth and pair the collar and your device. Put the collar on your pet and go have some fun. Is Talking Cat Collar Catterbox Purrrfect For Pet Owners?
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Photo provided by Flickras long as they are wearing Pets Talk, the first and only talking pet collar.
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The Talking Dog Collar by Swiss Tech Tools is a paw shaped, remote control device that can be attached to a dog’s collar to talk to the dog via remote or provide information about the dog in the event it is lost. You and your family can record a message for example “come Fifi” for times when the dog is in the yard or this can be used to record the pet’s name, address, and phone number in the event the pet is lost.Owners of pets and animal lovers everywhere talk to pets on a regular basis, and with certain animals — such as dogs — we can generally gauge how the animal responds. Dogs are the most emotive and responsive pet, but it would often be great to know exactly what is going on inside their adorable heads. ST, the research lab behind a crowdfunded rocking chair that charges your tablet as you rock, is now crowdfunding a collar that claims to translate a dog’s thoughts into human speech.Pet owners, if you've ever wondered what your cat was thinking, now's the time to find out. Mars Temptations has created a "talking cat collar" to help process meows into human speech.In this hidden camera “stunt” video from Disney (and we use quotation marks because this hardly seems like a stunt and more like an actual dream come true) shared on YouTube by , a golden retriever in slightly better shape than the cartoon version and wearing a collar just like Dug’s in the movie (though this is really a type of walkie-talkie), runs around to unsuspecting park goers telling them how much he loves them, where his master is, the best places to pet him, and of course, how excited he is for a ball.