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Though the African Tiger Fish is not necessarily aggressive, it has a big appetite. Not many species can survive in a tank with them. This fish will do best kept in a species tank.
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Siamese tigerfish datnoid is the one of fish pet that is so popular for the group of feeding fish or call fish fan. Siamese tigerfish datnoid is the kind of freshwater fish that catch from the river.

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A certain Mr Steve Koh decided to fry it and eat it. Mr Koh posted a picture of his pet Siamese Tiger fish on his dining table on Singapore Facebook hobbyist group “”The GloFish is a and brand of fluorescent fish. A variety of different GloFish are currently on the market. were the first GloFish available in pet stores, and are now sold in bright red, green, orange-yellow, blue, and purple colors. Recently "Electric Green", "Sunburst Orange", "Moonrise Pink", "Starfire Red", "Cosmic Blue", and "Galactic Purple" colored () and an "Electric Green" tiger barb () have been added to the lineup. Although not originally developed for the ornamental fish trade, it is one of the first genetically modified animals to become publicly available. It is sold only in the United States, where it remains the only genetically modified animal to be publicly available. The rights to GloFish are owned by Yorktown Technologies, the company that commercialized the fish.Due to its ferocious appearance, people may be tempted to keep the African tigerfish as a pet. However, this is generally not recommended and should only be attempted by those with advanced skills in keeping . These fish can get extremely large and require at least a 2400 L tank. They do not get along well with any fish smaller than them (even of their own species) since smaller fish make up a majority of their diet. As they grow larger, these fish can become very difficult to handle. This is especially true because of their aggressive nature and sharp teeth. For these reasons, having this fish as a pet is not recommended. If someone is set on having one, they need to check their local to determine if import of this fish is legal. It is illegal to import this species into , , and .Though the African Tiger Fish is not necessarily aggressive, it has a big appetite. Not many species can survive in a tank with them. This fish will do best kept in a species tank.This fish can be kept with other similarly sized or larger, non-territorial species. However, the African Tiger Fish is less tolerant of tankmates outside its own species, so be cautious in selecting companions. In particular, very large individuals are likely to grow less tolerant of co-inhabitants.This is one of my favorite aquarium fish. The is a sporty-looking little fish with distinctive stripes, and red on the fins and nose. There is also a moss green tiger barb variety that looks great against a dark substrate with good light from above. Tiger Barbs are unlikely to outgrow their aquarium, because they reach about 2 1/2 inches at maturity. Natives of Sumatra and Borneo originally, the fish offered in pet shops are rarely wild caught today because they are one of those profitable species for fish farmers around the world.