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Customer service is what sets Urban Tails apart from other pet stores in the Twin Cities
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A pet shop near the Twin Cities made headlines earlier this year for mistreating it’s animals, and now the city is considering banning pet stores all together.
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All puppies and kittens come from kennels that we have inspected and approved. Har Mar Pet Shop is one of the very few Twin Cities pet stores that is USDA licensed. Twin Cities Pet Store providing Minnesota families with quality puppies, kittens and other pets for over 40 years. We also carry a complete line of pet supplies.
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Photo provided by FlickrFour Paws and a Tail - your local source for quality pets and pet supplies for over 40 years
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Having been into reptiles since the late 1960’s and growing up in northern California, I spent a lot of time at the original East Bay Vivarium in Oakland, CA. I moved to Minnesota after getting out of the military in 1975. In 1976 I worked for Terry Odegaard at his pet store called The Pet Dragon. I was in charge of the mail order sales. (That’s pre e-mail, as home computers & cell phones were just being developed.) A year or so after working for Terry he decided to get out of the business and offered it to me. So, in 1978 I started Twin Cities Reptiles as a mail order business.Pet Supplies Plus signed a lease for a 8,400-square-foot store that will sell natural pet food and grooming and hold events for adoption, vaccinations, spaying and neutering. The Michigan-based chain has 300 stores nationally and three in the Twin Cities.