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There are many types of hamsters, but only a few types are kept as pets
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Thinking of getting a hamster? Here are some tips about the five most common types of hamsters found in pet stores to help you choose the best type for your family's pet wishes.
Two additional types of hamsters kept as pets in the United States include the Chinese hamster and the winter white Russian dwarf hamster.
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TOYS: Several types of toys must be available to your hamster. Chewing toys such as wooden hamster toys (available at the pet store), hide houses, wheels, “run-abouts” (clear plastic balls for your hamster to run around the house in), cardboard boxes, paper towel tubes and dried, untreated fruit tree branches are all excellent toys for your hamster. Hamsters MUST chew constantly in order to wear their teeth down, which grow on a continual basis. Therefore, toys that allow the hamster to chew and wear those teeth down are invaluable. Stick to toys bought at the pet store, as these are generally made of pet-safe materials. Types of Pet Hamsters
Photo provided by FlickrNow that we've talked about the different types of pet hamsters, let's learn how two raise them
Photo provided by FlickrMany different types of hamster cages are available at the pet store
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Although the term “hamster” refers to about 24 species of small rodents, there are only about five found in the pet market. Below is a list of the most common types found as pets.There are two general types of pet hamsters. The most common is a form of the original Syrian or "Golden" hamster. This animal can be up to five inches long and comes in many colorations and coat types. They can have relatively short hair, long hair or even wavy hair. A distinct species is called the "Dwarf" hamster, or sometimes "Russian Dwarf" hamster. These guys are much smaller (sometimes just half the size of their hamster cousins), and typically have a brownish-gray short-haired coat with a distinctive dark stripe down the center of their back.Syrian
Syrians are large hamsters and can grow to 6-7 inches long. They are usually golden brown with a white belly, but are available in a wide variety of colors and types of hair. The long-haired is often called the Teddy Bear hamster. They live about 2 – 2 1/2 years, often prefer to live alone, and tend to make very good pets. This is the most common type of pet hamster.Here, we will go over the five most common types of hamsters found in pet stores: Chinese, Dwarf Campbell Russian, Dwarf Winter White Russian, Roborovski Dwarf, and Syrian.In addition to the pronouced size difference, some personality differences have been noted between the two primary types of hamsters. Dwarfs seem to be a bit more laid back and milder mannered. They also get along somewhat better with cagemates than do the goldens, typically. The golden variety is best kept as a solitary pet, though it is possible to keep two or more together especially if they are introduced at a young age. Same sex pairs can also do OK on occasion. Dwarf hamsters can be kept as solitary pets, or can be carefully paired up with another of the same type. Putting a dwarf hamster in the same cage with a golden type is never advised. Nor should hamsters be kept with gerbils, mice, rats or other rodents.Hamsters make great pets. They are cute and cuddly, enjoyed by both children and adults. These tiny creatures make the experience of owning them worthwhile. Although not cliché, keeping hamsters as pets is a quite rewarding experience. Now that you have made up your mind, you need to know some of the most common types of pet hamsters available in the market. In all, there are about 24 species of these rodents, but out of these, 5 or 6 are perfect as pets.